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Discover the benefits of a Yahoo LastPass Premium subscription, where you can store all your passwords in a single secure place. Get started with Yahoo Plus Protect Home Yahoo Plus. Shop it: LastPass Premium, free for 30 days, then $1.99 per month, Read more from Yahoo Life: Pandemic-related identity theft is spiking: Here are 5 crucial ways to protect. LastPass 101: Filling a form (00:29). Whether you're signing up for an account on a new website you discovered or you're checking out and need to complete shipping and billing information, LastPass Form Fill saves you time by filling in your contact and payment details for you.

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How do I contact customer support for LastPass?

Our Customer Care team is here to help! Use the options below to find the right resource for your needs.

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Note: The customer support offerings for LastPass will vary depending on your plan. For more information, please see What levels of customer support does LastPass offer?
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