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Recently we received quite a lot of interest in our converter from XD to Figma and it isn’t any wonder why. Figma is a fantastic tool that you can use to create stunning products and websites.

Are you planning to build a Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD plugin? This is a complete guide to building your first plugin, including our personal experience from developing design tool plugins and working with design formats for 5 years. Desktop apps available for Mac and Windows without offline support. Can be used on Linux machines in the browser! Supports Mac and Windows systems. Figma vs Sketch vs Adobe XD have interesting price points and approaches. And there are many different reasons why one is superior to the other.

We are working on an XD to Figma converter, but for now, we have a workaround that you can use to convert your XD files to Figma RIGHT NOW!

  1. Use a converter — XD2Sketch, for example, can be used to convert XD files to Sketch or Figma, since Figma allows you to open Sketch files. Paste — You can paste XD artboards into Figma SVG.
  2. XD doesn’t have pagination and with Figma the frames can be messy sometimes and hard to work with it. The next day we had a usual catch up coffee break where we discuss non-work related topics, but even then the flames between XD and Figma appeared again.

We will of course update this article once our direct converter is ready and let you all know about it.

But for now, enjoy reading about how you can quickly and easily open your XD files in Figma today.

How does the workaround work

It’s simple, we will convert the XD file to Sketch first and then we can import the Sketch file into Figma.

It’s simple.

1) Go to our homepage to access our converter at the top of the page and upload your file

2) Now enter your email address and hit “UPLOAD NOW”

3) The file will take a few seconds to upload:

4) Click on Convert now to convert everything in your file to a Sketch file

5) Select your plan and select “Pay Now” and complete the checkout

6) Your payment is processed and your file will now be converted.
You can now download your file by clicking the download button on the right of the file. A copy the invoice will be sent to your email address.


7) Now it's time to convert your file to Figma.
Go to Figma: Hamburger menu > File > New from Sketch File

Adobe Xd Export To Figma

Your file will now be imported:

You can now open your converted file in Figma!

Get started now

To start the process now, go to our site and you can start converting right now!

We are offering an Easter 20% off special that will expe on the 13th of April 2020.

Just use the code: EASTER20

Import xd to figma

If you have any issues, please email us on [email protected] or via Drift on our homepage and we will help fix the issue as soon as possible.

Xd To Figma

Like many others we have recently made the switch from the Adobe XD to Figma. As our team grows, we have found that Figma just works better for us. Here are three reason why it just makes sense to use Figma for a team of designers.

1. The biggest reason for the switch: Communication

When you have different people all working on the same project it can get confusing. Giving feedback and answering questions is super simple with Figma’s comment feature. This allows for easy back and forth. This is also helpful with our clients, since we can easily share links to files, allowing them to comment directly on their website or app designs.

No matter what method you use for commenting, designs created in XD are done in one platform, and commented on in another. We used to spendtime exporting XDscreens into PDFs just so we could comment on them inDropbox.(Iknow, it was a headache). Thank you Figma, our savior.

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2. Version control


Adobe Xd To Figma

Avoid errors with Figma's live updates. This allows multiple people to work on and save designs at the same time, without the worry of saving over someone else's work or using an older version. It autosaves as well,so you never have to panic if you forgot to hit the save button!My fellow Adobe users can relate to the stress of a program quitting out before you've hit save and losing hours of work.As a result of thisfeature,the files we send to clients are always upto dateevenwiththe smallest of changes,leadingto less rounds of edits for everyone.

3. Figma is awebsiteappFigma is a design system that allows you to design in your web browser or use the desktop app. However, because it based on the web, it lives in the “cloud”. This means you don’t have to sync or download the latest file because everything is stored in an online location. Figma’s website puts it like this “Don’t sync to the cloud with Adobe XD. Work in the cloud with Figma.' Enough said. This makes working with clients a breeze because clients don’t need to download additional software to make edits. It’s also free, so clients are able to open designs in their browsers and comment directly in the working file, a solution most of Figma’s competitions can’t claim.

So basically, sorry XD, but Figma is our new BFF and makes collaboration a dream.

Design apps are constantly evolving and adding new great features so who know, maybe one day we will make the switch back to XD? For now, see ya old pal.

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