Wifi Direct Mac To Lg Tv


Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct allows you to connect directly to other devices over Wi-Fi without the need for a router.

  • Wi-Fi Direct doesn't need a wireless access point Wi-Fi Direct devices can connect to each other without having to go through an access point, that is to say you don't need to use your router.
  • Via an Apple-specific (not Wi-Fi Direct) peer-to-peer Wi-Fi protocol. It seems the WiTap sample code requires all instances to be on the same network already, is that correct? Although don’t take my word for it, try it yourself: grab two iOS devices. Note the only requirement is that they each must be new enough to have a Lightning connector.

You can use Wi-Fi Direct to transmit content stored on your smartphone or PC to your Smart TV.

Lg Wifi Direct Pc

Screencasting and screen-sharing: From playing mobile games on a big screen to sharing family photos on your TV or digital portrait, Wi-Fi Direct is used for all sorts of screen-sharing tasks.

The OS on the smartphone or PC may not support Wi-Fi Direct.

To connect a Wi-Fi Direct enabled smartphone to your Smart TV, perform the following steps:

Lg wifi direct app

Lg Tv Wifi Setup

  1. In the smartphone's Wi-Fi settings, enable Wi-Fi Direct.

  2. On your Smart TV, select Smart Home () > Settings > .

  3. Select Wi-Fi Direct, and then select On.

    • If you do not wish to use this function, change the Wi-Fi Direct setting to Off.

  4. Select the smartphone that you want to connect to via Wi-Fi Direct.

  5. Select Yes to sends a connection request from your Smart TV to the smartphone.

  6. On the smartphone, tap Accept to complete the connection.

To share content after connecting a smartphone to your Smart TV, perform the following steps:

Wifi Direct Mac To Lg Tv Remote

  1. On the smartphone, run the SmartShare app.

  2. In the SmartShare app, tap From and select My phone.

  3. In the SmartShare app, tap To and select your Smart TV to complete the connection.

  4. Send the content from the My Phone folder to the TV in order to view it on your Smart TV.