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Twitch Rivals: Rocket League Showdown will feature twenty players split into four teams that will compete in a variety of Rocket League game modes. The players will speedrun a custom training course, participate in a player draft, and represent their respective teams in a mix of Rocket League game variants. The /TwitchRivals channel is home.

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Your journey through four brand-new Twitch Prime Content Packs starts now! Get primed and ready for exclusive Twitch Prime in-game items in Rocket League beginning with the sleek Nemesis Battle-Car, and concluding with the bombastic Tactical Nuke Goal Explosion!

Begin your journey to unlocking all four Twitch Prime Content Packs by linking your Twitch Prime account with your Rocket League platform of choice. Once your accounts are linked, you'll automatically unlock the first pack containing the Nemesis Battle-Car. Then, you'll unlock a new Content Pack with new items every few weeks, leading to the fourth and final Content Pack. Everything found in these Packs are exclusive to Rocket League's Twitch Prime Content, so be sure to sign up before they're gone for good!

Twitch rocket league

Check out everything you can expect to find in each Twitch Prime Pack, plus check out the release trailer above:

Minor League Esports provides competitive Rocket League leagues for players of all abilities. Within a fun & friendly environment Check us out at mlesportsgg - Twitch Skip navigation. Watch the biggest Rocket League tournaments and best professional Rocket League players and teams live on Twitch in our Esports Directory. The Twitch Prime Content Packs are a promotion with Twitch in Rocket League.They were introduced on September 27, 2019. These packs contain special content which can only be unlocked if a player links their Twitch Prime account. Players must have their active.

Twitch Prime Pack 1

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Twitch Rocket League Rank Command


(Available now!)

  • Nemesis Battle Car

  • 6 Nemesis Decals

    • Stripes

    • Rocket Ball

    • Wings

    • Lightning

    • Full Speed

    • Snakeskin

Twitch Prime Pack 2

Twitch Rocket League Live

Twitch Rocket League

(Available Day 27 of your player journey)

Twitch Rocket League Drops

  • TP19 Wheels

  • Drude Engine Audio

  • Nemesis: Crisis Decal

Twitch Prime Pack 3

(Available Day 55 of your player journey)

  • Streamer Boost

  • Luster Animated Decal

  • Webcam Topper

Twitch Prime Pack 4

(Available Day 83 of your player journey)

  • Tactical Nuke Goal Explosion

  • Sushi Board Player Banner

  • Boba Drink Antenna

Link your Twitch Prime account with your Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, or Nintendo account to unlock the first Content Pack! The first Pack is available now, and you'll be able to unlock the future packs as long as your Twitch Prime account stays active. Players will be eligible for all four Packs if their active Twitch Prime account is linked at any time between now and March 27, 2020.

Get started by linking your Twitch Prime account here. Keep in mind, you can only link your Twitch Prime account to one platform account, so be sure to choose wisely. You can check out the full list of FAQs here. If you're not a Twitch Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial at

The faster you link your accounts, the faster you'll get each Content Pack, so hit the Twitch Prime page and then the pitch with the latest Pack!

Twitch Rocket League

  • What is an Epic Games Account?
  • An Epic Games Account is your login for games published or developed by Epic Games. You may have an Epic Games Account if you play Fortnite. You can use that same Epic Games Account when linking your Rocket League platform. Once linked, your Rocket League inventory, Competitive Rank, Rocket Pass Progress, and XP will be added to your Epic Games Account.

  • What is a Primary Platform?
  • The Primary Platform is your Epic Games Account's source for all of your progression in Rocket League (i.e. your Competitive Rank and Rocket Pass Tier). You should choose the platform where you've played Rocket League the most. Choose the platform where you have the highest Competitive Rank, the most Rocket Pass progress, and the most XP. That way, you'll be able to access that information on all of your linked platforms.

  • What happens to my inventory, Competitive Rank, and Rocket League progress once I set a Primary Platform?
  • Once your Primary Platform is set and your other platforms are linked, you'll be able to access your inventory, Competitive Rank, and Rocket League progress from your Primary Account on all connected platforms. Rocket League Branded DLC will be added to your Epic Games Account regardless of where it was purchased, and will also be accessible on all linked platforms.

  • What about Credits and Esports Tokens?
  • Credits and Esports Tokens will remain on the platform on which they were purchased. They will be a part of your Epic Games Account, but you will only be able to access and spend your Credits and Esports Token balances on the platform where you purchased them.

  • Do I get anything for linking Rocket League to my Epic Games Account?
  • Yes! You will unlock the Chopper EG Wheel as soon as you link a platform to your Epic Games Account. It will be added to your inventory automatically.

  • Are there any items that don't transfer to my Epic Games Account after choosing a Primary Platform?
  • Platform-exclusive items (Sweet Tooth, Hogsticker, Armadillo, Mario/Luigi NSR, Samus' Gunship, etc.) will not be accessible through your Epic Games Account, nor will DLC that is unlocked via retail disc. Platform-exclusive items will still be accessible on the platforms where they're available.
    Premium DLC Packs with licensed content that was previously available in the Showroom (Back To The Future, Jurassic World, DC Superheroes, Fast and the Furious, Ghostbusters, Knight Rider, etc.) will not be accessible through your Epic Games Account, but will be accessible on the platforms where they were purchased. We are working to make Premium DLC accessible across platforms, but this will not be available when free to play launches.

  • What happens to my Rocket League progress on my non-primary platforms?
  • As long as your additional platforms are linked to a Primary Platform, you will not be able to access your Competitive Rank and Rocket Pass Progress on those platforms. Your Competitive Rank and Rocket Pass Progress from your Primary Account will be accessible on all of your linked platforms.

  • Will Account Linking affect my ability to play Rocket League cross-platform?
  • Nope! Rocket League continues to offer full cross-platform play, whether you link your accounts or not.

  • Can I play Rocket League without an Epic Games Account?
  • No. An Epic Games Account is required to play Rocket League. Log into your existing account, or make a new one when you log into Rocket League. You can create a new account with one button press in-game with no additional information needed.