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Twitch—as you well-informed gamers readers of SuperChillin might already be knowing full well—is a video streaming platform for gamers that originally started as Read on to learn more about the platform as well as some of the fails on it.


video live streaming service operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. Introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform,, the site primarily focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of eSports competitions, in addition to music broadcasts, creative content, and more recently, 'in real life' streams. Content on the site can be viewed either live or via video on demand.

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The popularity of Twitch eclipsed that of its general-interest counterpart. In October 2013, the website had 45 million unique viewers, and by February 2014, it was considered the fourth largest source of peak Internet traffic in the United States. At the same time,'s parent company was re-branded as Twitch Interactive to represent the shift in focus – was shut down in August 2014. That month, the service was acquired by Amazon for US$970 million, which later led to the introduction of synergies with the company's subscription service Amazon Prime. Twitch later acquired Curse, an operator of online video gaming communities and introduced means to purchase games through links on streams along with a program allowing streamers to receive commissions on the sales of games that they play.

Twitch Fails Reddit

By 2015, Twitch had more than 1.5 million broadcasters and 100 million viewers per month.[6] As of 2017, Twitch remained the leading live streaming video service for video games in the US, and had an advantage over YouTube Gaming. As of May 2018, it had 2.2 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users, with around a million average concurrent users. As of May 2018, Twitch had over 27,000 partner channels.

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Twitch users are not allowed to stream any game that is rated 'Adults Only' (AO) in the United States by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), regardless of its rating in any other geographical region, and any game that contains 'overtly sexual content' or 'gratuitous violence', or content which violates the terms of use of third-party services.[97][98]

Twitch took temporary action in May 2019 after channels related to the video game Artifact began to be used for inappropriate content. Artifact, a major game by Valve, had lost most of its audience in only months from release, and by late May 2019, several popular livestreamers commented that the total viewship for Artifact streams had dropped to near zero. In the days that followed, several streams started to make streams purporting to be Artifact gameplay but in was trolling or other off-topic content. Initially these new streams were playing with the viewers or were jokes, such as showing animal videos or League of Legends matches. After a few days, others Artifact channel streams appeared containing content that was against the terms of Twitch's use policy, including full copyrighted movies, pornography, Nazi propaganda, and at least one stream that showed the entirety of the shooter's video from the Christchurch mosque shootings. The titles of such streams were usually presented to imply they were showing other content while waiting in queue for Artifact matches as to appear legitimate. As word of these steams in the Artifact section grew, Twitch took action, deleting the account that streamed the Christchurch shooting. Twitch then took steps to temporarily ban new accounts from streaming until they can resolve the issue.By June 2019, Twitch started taking legal actions against one hundred 'John Doe' streamers in a California court, accusing them of trademark infringement, breach of contract, fraud, and unlawful use of the service that was harming and scaring away users of the service.

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As of September 20, 2018, the Twitch website is blocked and the app is blocked from the Apple App Store in China.

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