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What are Twitch Bits? Bits are a digital element you can use to cheer at your favorite streamer. When you use bits, you bring yourself and any message you want to gain attention in chat as well as the live stream. It’s kind of like handing out a donation or tip without actually giving “real” money. Bits are Twitch’s official monetary and reward system for streamers. It is a way to appreciate and support your favorite streamer or the one you are currently watching. Twitch bits to dollars: discover how, below. Each bit has a monetary value associated with it. Hi guys After a lot of investigation, I may have found out why people have been sent massive amounts of bits. After I asked a anonymous person(He did not want to reveal his identity) he confessed that he used a glitch which involved Amazon Pay to duplicate payments without extra cost, meaning you could get massive amounts of bits for very cheap However Twitch has managed to patch this.

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Monetize your Content

On Twitch, creators can turn passions into careers or get a little bit back for doing something they love. No two channels are the same, so that’s why we are serving up all kinds of tools that can help you start making money. Read up on your options and then decide what’s best for your community.

Twitch Bits To Usd


JERICHO, Venalis, and Xmiramira
Way to EarnDescription
Subscriptions (aka subs)

A Subscription allows a viewer to pay per month to support your channel if you are a Partner or Affiliate, either on a recurring or one-time basis. Subscribers (subs) get access to your emotes and other benefits you can define. For more on subs check out this article.

BitsBits are used to Cheer, which is a way viewers can show you support in chat. If you are a Partner or an Affiliate, you receive $0.01 for every Bit used to Cheer directly on your channel. Many streamers have found fun ways to integrate Bits into their streams like using them for voting, or celebrating big moments. When a viewer uses Bits to Cheer, animated emotes called Cheermotes pop up in chat. If you want to get the full run-down on Bits do’s and don’ts check out the Bits Acceptable Use Policy.
AdsAds generate revenue for Partners and can be seen by viewers upon page load and when a Partner opts to run additional advertisements midstream on their dashboard.
Amazon AssociatesAmazon Associates allows you to earn referral revenue by linking specific products on your page. One of the best ways to use this is by sharing the gear you use to stream with your viewers through Gear on Amazon. Any streamer can take advantage of this earning opportunity.
Extensions with BitsBits aren’t only for Cheering. In extensions, they can be used to power novel interactive experiences on your channel. Whenever viewers use Bits within extensions activated on your channel (and you’re a Partner or Affiliate), you get 80% of $0.01 for each Bit used within extension on your channel. The other 20% goes to the extension developer.

When you’re ready to start making money on Twitch, you’ll probably want to make sure your payment information is correct and understand any tax implications. Well, we do too. Here’s how revenue works for Partners and Affiliates, and a deeper dive into taxes.

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