The Who Songs Lyrics Chords

Central figures of the British Invasion, the punk movement of the mid-’60s and the arena rock of the 70s, the Who was an undeniably strong musical force. They burst traditional rock and R&B systems, with aggressive guitar chords from Townshend, hyperactive basslines from Entwistle, and intense, almost chaotic drumming from Moon. A fantastic song by the Who. Perhaps the entire notion of a “magic bus” falls into the brief time of wide-open optimism of pre-Woodstock. ‘Quadrophenia’ was the second rock opera by Townshend, but unlike ‘Tommy,’ some of its songs actually work beyond the big picture narrative. Ideally, listening to ‘Tommy’ should be in order, uninterrupted and not split in bits like a standard pop LP.’Pinball Wizard’ is the hit single from the record, and sorta stands alone. Together the final album of the original band is spotty, but the super-heavy title track and lead single contains one of their best group performances of all time. The last song on ‘Quadrophenia’ — and the story’s cathartic wave of hope — features one of the greatest performances Daltrey has ever played..