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This document provides an overview on how to record a video and submit the video for an assignment in TechSmith Knowmia (formerly TechSmith Relay).

Techsmith Video Editor

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1. Log into TechSmith Knowmia at
2. Click the below to expand the menus for recording and editing directions.
  • Record a Video using Knowmia
    • Log into TechSmith Knowmia at

      Launch Recorder

      The first time you record on your computer, you will have to download and install the recorder.
      1. Click on Launch Capture in the upper left corner of the screen.

      If this is the first time you are using Knowmia, you will need to download the recorder.
      2. A window will pop up. Click the Download button.

      3. Depending on your computer and browser, you with either be prompted to save, or the file will automatically be added to your Downloads folder. On a PC with Mozilla Firefox, a window will pop up. Click the Save File button.

      The file will save to your Downloads folder or a folder you have designated. Navigate to that folder and double click on the file.
      4. Another window will pop up. (It may pop up behind another window currently open.) Click OK.

      5. Return to your browser and click the Relaunch button.

      6. Click Open TechSmith Capture in the window. (Note: This step may not be necessary in all browsers.)

      The TechSmith Capture window will open.

      Set Up for Recording

      1. In the Capture window, toggle the Webcam button 'on' if you want to record your webcam video.

      2. Click the red Record button when ready. This will not actually start the recording, but will get you ready to prepare your recording environment.
      3. Click the Full Screen button at the top of the window to record your entire screen.
      7. Or, use the yellow crosshair to draw a square over a specific region of the screen you want to record. To draw, click and hold your mouse in the upper left corner of the region. Drag the box to the lower right corner of the region and release your mouse button. A yellow dotted line will frame the region that will record.

      You are ready to record. Note that you can reposition the browser/software window behind the recording region. You can also change between software during the recording (switch from PowerPoint to a web browser, for example). You cannot change the shape of the recording region.

      Record the Video

      If you have chosen to have the web cam on, the web cam footage will fill your record region or full screen. Towards the bottom is the record menu.

      • Click the record button (red dot) to begin the recording
      • Click the webcam icon to turn on or off the web cam.
      • Click the microphone icon to mute or un-mute the mic.
      • Click the speaker icon to record system audio (especially if you are playing video within the video).
      • Click the X to cancel the recording.
      1. Once you have clicked Record, the screen will give you a countdown.

      2. When you are finished recording, click the pause button at the lower-right corner of your screen.

      3. Then click the Stop button.

      4. A preview menu will open. Preview your video and click Upload when you are satisfied. Click Cancel to delete the recording. Note: if you click Cancel by mistake, you cannot retrieve the video.

      5. Once your video is completed, a window will pop up. Click Upload to Relay
      Note: The longer the length of the video, the longer it will take to upload.

      6. Return to Knowmia in your browser.

      7. Click Save.

      It is a best practice to add videos folders based on class or topic. If you did not create a folder, add the video to My Library and you can return to My Library to and .
  • Record your Video using the Fuse App
    • Fuse is a mobile app that allows you to upload media to Knowmia directly from your mobile device. It is not a mobile version of Knowmia. It is available for both Android and iOS.
      1. Go to your App Store and search for TechSmith Fuse.
      2. Open the app on your mobile device.

      3. Go to a desktop or laptop computer and log into Knowmia at
      4. Click on Create to expand the menu. Click on Connect Mobile Device.

      5. A window will pop up with a QR code. Scan the QR code with the Fuse app on your mobile device.

      6. From the Fuse app, click on Settings.

      7. Click on Knowmia.

      8. Click on Sign in. Scan the QR code on your computer screen with the app.
      9. Sign in with your SIUE email. You will be re-routed to the SIUE login screen. Log in with your SIUE e-ID and password.
      10. You can record your video directly from Fuse or upload an existing video.

      a. Click on the camera icon.

      b. Click on Photo to take a still image. Click on Video to record a video.

      c. Click the Pause button to pause the video. Click the Done icon to save the video.

      d. Click the thumbnail in the upper right corner to save the video in Fuse.

      Import a Video Previously Recorded

      b. Fuse may ask if the app can access your Camera Roll. Click Yes/OK.
      c. Navigate to the video and click on the thumbnail.
      d. Click Choose.

      e. A thumbnail of the video will appear in your Fuse Library.
      Click Select in the upper right corner of the screen.

      f. Click the video(s) that you want to upload to Knowmia. Click the upload icon at the bottom of the page.

      g. Click the Share link.

      h. Select the TechSmith Knowmia option.

      i. Click the Send button.

      Wait while the video uploads.

      j. You will receive an email when the video is complete.

      Return to Knowmia to edit the video, add captions, and share it.

If you need to trim the beginning, middle, or end of the video, go to:

Techsmith Video Editor

  • Edit Video
    • TechSmith Knowmia allows you to remove parts of the video such as a pause in the center, trim the beginning or end, etc.
      1. Log into TechSmith Knowmia at
      2. Navigate to the video and click on the video's thumbnail.

      4. A window will pop-up. You have to option to Edit a Copy of the video or Edit the Original.
      Edit a Copy: Selecting Edit a Copy will make a duplicate of the original video for you to edit. This preserves the original video. The copy will lose the analytics and quiz questions on the copy but will maintain the analytics and quiz questions on the original. Any links to the original video will have to be re-shared and re-linked to this video.
      Edit this Video: Selecting Edit this Video will reopen the video editor on the original video. Any links to this video will remain intact. Any captioning, analytics and quizzes will be lost when you republish the video.
      Click the option you wish.

      5. Play the video or drag the play head (gray bar with numbers) to the start of the cut (green flag).

      6.Drag the red flag to the end of the cut.

      7. Click the Cut button. A red line will appear on the timeline where the cut took place.

      7. View the portion of the video that was edited. If you want to change the edit locations, click on the red line. The original edit will open.
      If you want to change the start or end points, click Edit.
      If you want to remove the edit, click Delete. You can also click the 'Undo' button to remove the edit.

      NOTE: If you click 'Restore to Original Video' ALL edits will be deleted.
      8. If you want to save your work and edit more later, click the Save & Edit button at the top left corner of the window.
      If you are finished editing, you must click Publish or your changes will not take affect.

3. You will need to get the link to the video.

Camtasia free download windows 10
  • Share a Video Link
      1. Click on the video you want to share in TechSmith Knowmia.
      2. Click the Share button located beneath the video.
      3. A window with the video's URL will pop up. Make sure you're viewing the Link tab, then click the Copy button at the bottom of this window.
      4. Paste the link in an email, Blackboard discussion post, or other text area. If pasting in a text area in Blackboard, see the instructions for how to hyperlink text to make it easier for others to access your video.

4. Paste the link in a Discussion Board or Assignment Submission. For the Discussion Board, navigate to the forum and create or reply to a thread. For an Assignment, navigate to the assignment and choose Write Submission. Blackboard will not automatically link the text. Follow these directions to insert a hyperlink.

  • Create a Hyperlink Text in the Text Editor
      1. Highlight the text you want to hyperlink.
      2. Click the Insert/Edit Link button (it looks like a chain link).
      3. A new window will appear. In the “Url” box, paste in your copied link text.
      4. Choose the New Window option from the “Open link in...” menu.
      5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the window.
      6. Click Submit to share your work

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Techsmith Video Editor

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