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Superman drawings usually catch the eye with their energy and bright colors. The stills from the movie Spiderman can make a good background for your PC or work cubicle, but they are not always easy to download for free. Let's try drawing our own Spider-Man using the step-by-step method first in pencil and then using colored pencils. At the same time we'll learn how to draw a human being, which is a useful skill to have. Spider-Man can be relatively challenging to draw. Aside from the proper body shape conveying flexibility and dynamics of the character, we have the task of drawing the complex Spiderman body suit covered in spider web. Now we're going to draw Spider-Man in pencil.

Step 1

Draw the outline of Spider-Man's body. We begin drawing the Spider-Man by sketching the outline of his body, arms, legs, and head. Try to copy the proportions from my drawing because these initial contours are an important foundation for our entire drawing. If you struggle with this step, you can even print out my sketch this time.

Step 2

Work on the contours of Spider-Man's body. This is a simple step, but again pays close attention to the proportions so as to not make the character appear skinny or overweight. His arms and legs should be symmetrical. Otherwise, imperfections of this sort tend to right away stand out in a drawing.

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Step 3

Erase previous outline. Remove any excess lines from your drawing now that you're done with the basic initial steps. If needed, correct any contours that do not correspond to the right proportions. This may be difficult to do in later steps.

Step 4

Spiderman drawing. Detail work. The Spiderman's eyes are concealed behind the mask, so you can only see the triangular slits. He has no shoes but only a diving line in the body suit. Accentuate the chest muscles and add dividing lines for both hands.

Step 5

Spiderman's body suit. Step after step, we are now ready to work on this fictional character's body suit which resembles a spider web. Keep in mind that such design is present only on his hands, chest, head, and partially legs. The rest of the body suit has no pattern, so you can shade it in with a pencil.

Step 6

Color in your Spiderman drawing. Now on to the fun part of Spider-Man drawing! Even if you shaded in your drawing with # 2 pencil, you can still use markers or colored pencils to add sharpness to your drawing. Moreover, adding skyscrapers against the nightly sky in the background will give your drawing full effect, as if it is a still from the movie.

How to draw spiderman realistic by colored pencil with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Pencil drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.


Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Part 1

If you are not confident enough to draw with crayons, then make additional sketches with 2B or 3B pencils by following steps:

Step 1

Draw a small circle on the top of your paper. Leave enough space for the rest of Spider-Man’s body.

Step 2

Draw U shape for chin.

Spider-man Pencil Drawing

Step 3

Draw a line across the face, slightly to the right from the middle.

Step 4

The amazing spider man drawing in pencil

Draw another U-shaped line for her neck.

Step 5

Shoulder sketch with a few strokes.

Step 6

Draw curves for the sides of the body. Add a line across the chest.

Step 7

Draw two ovals where the shoulders and arms connect. Add a curve for the waist.

Step 8

Draw two ovals for each arm and an oval for each thigh.

Spider Man Colour Pencil Drawing

Step 9

Add circles for the knees and an oval for the lower leg. Outline outline of clenched fist.

Step 10

Outlines of ankles and feet.

Step 11

Draw eyes like two tear patterns.

Step 12

Delete the extra lines.

Step 13

Meat out arms, legs and fists. More details for Spider-Man costume with two curves on each chest.

Step 14

The Amazing Spider Man Drawing In Pencil

Details of feet and ankles. Add two curves to the end of the glove. Add spider silk thread.

Pencil drawings spider manSpider Man Pencil Drawing

Step 15

Eliminate the rest of the online helper shapes

Step 16

Add small curves to the body, legs and arms to outline muscles.

Step 17

Now we will start drawing the spider web model on the costumes. Outlines the vertical lines ahead.

Spider Man Homecoming Pencil Drawing

Spider Man Pencil Drawing

Step 18

Add horizontal lines. Each horizontal line needs to bend a bit to make the model look like a spider web.

Step 19

Sketch the Spider-Man logo on the chest.

Part 2

Spider Web Drawings And Sketches

Coloring your Spider-Man drawings with crayons. This is an important part of whether your drawing is realistic or not. Good luck!