Songs Of The Neocatechumenal Way


Blessing for the penitential celebration - Paolo Benetton. Blessing of the water of the baptismal font - Luigi Lanzani. Preface of the Eucharist of the Paschal Vigil - Paolino. If the psalm prays, pray; if it cries, cry;if it gives thanks, rejoice; if it hopes, hope;if it fears, fear (St. Augustine - On Psalms). In the neocatechumenal way, we see today the humble and essential service of the cantor coming to light.

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In this itinerary of initiation to Faith, the cantor has the mission of helping to create the liturgical community, or, still better, of recreating it; of transforming often a plurality into a unity of worship: into only one voice, with one heart and one soul. This spiritual worship is expressed in the liturgical action of the community.

Spiritual worship which, along our journey grounded in history, is the inexhaustible source of what is most deeply innocent: that is today the awareness of our sin enlightened by the ineffable love of Someone who loves us in such a way, who loves us though we have been His enemies; source of conversion, source of Faith.

To you, O Lord, with my voice I cry for help (Ps 41)

The aim of this book is not only to spread the songs, but to offer to the cantors of the Neocatechumenal communities the original texts and musical cords, so that they can in a better way be faithful to the oral tradition that they have received. For this reason, we thought it suitable to present them in a progressive order following the steps of the way, in the very same manner in which they came to light along the years, in which they led us on our way, from the initial catechesis through the various passages.

Also, we have divided the song cards with different colors to give an indication of this gradual advancement, articulated by the different scrutinies in which some songs are “handed over.”. Beige cards for Liturgical functions 2. White cards for the Precatechumenate 3. Green cards for the songs of the Catechumenate 4. Blue cards for the songs of the Election 5.

Gray cards for the songs of the Breaking of the Bread. In order to find the songs easily, there is a general index (where we have put more than one title for each song, according to what has already been confirmed by a certain tradition), a biblical index (since practically almost all of our songs are taken from the Bible), and another one according to the different liturgical seasons and moments of the celebrations and especially the Eucharist.

This is my commandment

To you, o Lord, praise is due in Zion - Luigi Lanzani.

To you, o Lord, with my voice I cry for help - Luigi Lanzani.

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This has always been the case. An anti-God does not exist, an anti-god cannot exist, but an anti-God can exist in man, the radical denial of God can nelcatechumenal created in man.

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And all touched by him become gold. Ma Nishtana – Passover Songs.

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