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Sketchpad: Free online drawing application for all ages. Create digital artwork to share online and export to popular image formats JPEG, PNG, SVG, and PDF. How to mirror geometry in SketchUp using the Flip Along command. Using the Flip Along command is even quicker. As above make a duplicate if needed. With the object selected right click it and choose the Flip Along. How to mirror geometry in SketchUp using Mirror. For the supercharged method we can thank TIG for his popular Mirror extension for SketchUp. To mirror an object with Mirror you only need to select the object and then activate Mirror. Autocad/Sketchup Video Tutorial Collection-Need more Tutorials??Watch all the SKETCHUP T. The only way I've found to do this is to remove the mirror axis from the sketch temporarily so that it can be selected as the revolve sketch and the external axis can be selected as the revolve axis. You can then go back and redefine your sketch to add the mirror axis and specify the symmetric constraints and/or re-mirror the geometry.

19.16.4 Moving or copying Sketcher objects about a mirror line

Mirror Sketchup

Use the mirror tool from the Sketcher toolbox to mirror Sketcher objects—lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, fillets, or splines—about a specified line. You can choose to move the original objects or to create a mirror copy in the new location. If you choose to move objects, your changes are controlled by any constraints in the sketch and by the constraint solution method in the sketch options (for more information, see Customizing the use of constraints in the Sketcher, Section 19.9.8). If you choose to create a copy, ABAQUS/CAE applies a mirror constraint between the original objects and the copies so that they will remain mirror images during any subsequent sketch edits.

To mirror sketched objects:

  1. From the move and copy tools in the Sketcher toolbox, select the mirror tool . For a diagram of the tools in the Sketcher toolbox, see The Sketcher tools, Section 19.4.1.

  2. Select or in the prompt area.

    ABAQUS/CAE displays prompts in the prompt area to guide you through the procedure.

  3. Select an existing straight line in the sketch as the mirror line. You can select any straight edge from sketch, construction, or reference geometry.

  4. Select all the objects that you want to mirror. You can select sketch and construction geometry to move, or you can select sketch, construction, and reference geometry to copy; dimensions cannot be mirrored.

    Tip: To select more than one object, hold down the [Shift] key as you click each object or drag a rectangle around the objects. To unselect an object, use [Ctrl]. For more information, see Chapter 6, Selecting objects within the viewport.”

  5. Click mouse button 2 to indicate that you have finished selecting objects.

    ABAQUS/CAE moves or copies the objects as specified.

  6. If desired, repeat Steps 4 and 5 to move or copy more objects about the same mirror line.

  7. When you have finished moving and copying objects, either

    • Click mouse button 2 anywhere in the ABAQUS/CAE window, or

    • Click the cancel button in the prompt area, or


Sketch Mirror Image

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