Simple Teddy Bear Drawing


Jan 6, 2021 - Explore Dorothee Paradis's board 'Teddy bear drawing' on Pinterest. See more ideas about teddy bear drawing, bear drawing, teddy bear. Teddy Bear with Heart drawing - step 8. Sketch a furry circle at the bottom of the head. This will be the bear's snout. Draw a curved, upside down triangle at the top of the snout, forming the nose. Draw and add details for the eyes, mouth, nose, and snout of the bear. Draw an oval shape below the snout. Trace with a pen and erase unnecessary lines. Add details for the fur. Color to your liking! Simple Teddy Bear. Draw a circle for the teddy bear’s head and an oblong for its body. Add two curved lines on each side of the oblong for the. Jan 21, 2019 - Explore Kenzie T's board 'Teddy Bear drawing' on Pinterest. See more ideas about teddy bear drawing, bear drawing, bear coloring pages.

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  1. How to Draw a Teddy Bear

This very simple tutorial will help you learn how to draw a teddy bear! Not many toys are as popular as the teddy bear! Why on earth do kids love a stuff animal shape like a bear so much?

I don't have the answer for that! Let's try to draw a simple cartoon teddy bear using mainly circles in this seven steps exercise! Before proceeding with the written version of this lesson, you can also try the video tutorial found below. :)

Step 1

Let's start this drawing lesson by sketching the head and the ears using three circles like shown on the illustration above.

Step 2


Continue working on your artwork by drawing a big circle for the body. Next (and for the only time in this tutorial!) draw two rectangles to form the arms of your object.

Step 3

For the feet, since our animal is sitting, sketch two large oval shapes near the bottom of the body.

Step 4

Refine the outline of your character (especially the body since the other parts should be OK using the basic shapes).

Step 5

Add details in the face of your animal.

Simple teddy bear drawing

Step 6

Finally, draw circles on the feet and arms of the teddy bear.

Step 7

Add some colors to your illustration. All parts should be brown. The only exceptions should be the mouth, the ears and the circles drawn on the feet and the arms. For these particular shapes, you should use a skin-like color!

Step 8

Add some shadows to your cartoon character to enhance it! That's it! A simple cartoon teddy bear drawn using mostly circles and the color brown. It couldn't be easier. Want more lesson featuring this great animal? Why not learn how to draw a simple bear, a cartoon bear, a fun bear with effects or a polar bear! Enjoy all these new lessons! :)

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Easy Teddy Bear Drawing for Beginners

Today we are going to learn how to draw a teddy bear with a heart in this easy step by step art tutorial.

There are so many different ways you can draw your teddy bear. But today we will look at one way and then I’ll show you a few variations to help inspire you for your own drawings.

Let’s get started by taking a look at the supplies used for this lesson.

* Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. This means I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.

Art Supplies

  • Cardstock or drawing paper

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How to Draw a Teddy Bear

Start your teddy bear drawing by laying out your basic shapes. I’ve mentioned the importance of this many times.

To do this, draw two circles. One for the body, and a slightly smaller circle for the head. Also draw a vertical line down the center of both circles. As well as a horizontal line across the center of the head.

Check out How to Use Shapes to Draw for more information about this technique.

Simple Teddy Bear Drawing

Next, draw a circle on the lower section of the head. This is where your bear’s nose and mouth will go. Also draw the eyes on top of the horizontal line. Use the vertical line as a guide to evenly space out your bear’s eyes.

Now draw in the heart that your teddy bear will be holding. The heart should cover up most of the circle you drew for his body. Use your guideline to center your heart. Draw in your bear’s nose just beneath the horizontal guideline.

Next, draw in two ovals for his hands. Part of each hand should be placed over the lines for the heart.

And draw in two slightly larger ovals for his feet. Draw a mouth for your teddy bear as well. Also, draw a couple of ears on top of his head. Notice the placement of the ears in relationship to your guidelines.

The next step is to add in some details for his hands and legs. And give your bear some eyebrows, if you want him to have some.

I like my teddy bear drawings to look like fur. So I added some rough areas to his body. You can add in some details for the bottoms of his feet as well.

Inking Your Teddy Bear Drawing

Whenever I do a drawing, I almost always go over it with a black outlining pen. This is part of my artistic style. If your style is different, finish your teddy bear with a heart however you like. For my outline I used a medium nib Pitt Artist pen. I used the same pen to fill in the black areas of his eyes and nose as well.

How to Draw a Teddy Bear With a Heart in Color

You have lots of choices when it comes to adding color to your teddy bear drawing. I love using the Bic Intensity markers. You can read our full review at, Bic Intensity Marker Review – Fine Point.


Teddy Bear Drawings For Kids

For the brown in the bear I used Tiki Hut Tan, Honey Brown, and Woodsy Brown for the bottoms of his feet. Pink Flamingo and Fandango Pink were used for the ears and the heart. A little Polynesian Purple was added to the outside of the heart.

If you need help with blending your markers, take a look at How to Blend Markers for Beginners.

For the background I used Polynesian Purple and Oceanview Blue.

Variation of Teddy Bear Drawings

You can change the way your teddy bear looks by drawing your basic shapes and guidelines differently. For this next drawing the head was drawn bigger than the body and the lines dividing the head were drawn at a different angle.

How To Make A Simple Teddy Bear Drawing

Again, Bic Intensity markers were used to add color to this teddy bear with a heart drawing. As you can see, by making some small changes we can get a completely different look to our teddy bear.

These next two drawings were finished using Prismacolor colored pencils. Again, slight variations to how the teddy bears were drawn resulted in a bear with a different look to him.

How to Draw a Teddy Bear with a Heart Easy Step by Step

As you can see, by making some slight changes to your bear you can easily come up with several variations of this cute little teddy bear with a heart drawing.

When learning how to draw anything, you need to practice. The more drawings you do, the better you will get and the more creative your drawings will be.

Free Teddy Bear Drawing Pattern

The examples in this lesson were done on artist trading cards. To learn more about this art form take a look at, How to Make Artist Trading Cards (ATCs).

We hope you enjoyed learning how to draw a teddy bear with a heart. Here are some more fun drawing tutorials.

Line Drawing Of Teddy Bear

Post Like Teddy Bear with Heart Drawing

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