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Next in your horse line art you’ll draw the outline of the horse.

  • Running horse silhouette clip art free clipart running horse silhouette running horse outline. Color comic decoration design drawing eps flag girl green icon.
  • Visit where every step is broken down to an individual image for an even easier tutorial and don't forget to PAUSE the video a.

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You may want to click 'learn how' just below if you just joined in.

  • That way you can get started at the beginning steps of this simple running horse drawing.

(i) Start by drawing circles for the joints using the triangles as your starting guide for the knee and hock joints.

(ii)Then draw the fetlocks using the same shape.

  • If you need a refresher for what part is what, go here. (opens in a new window so you can come back) That way you won't have any confusion about the terms that I am using to guide you through.

(iii) Next in this line art drawing sketch the outline of the legs following the lines and circles.

  • You should notice that the equality and lines you've drawn for triangles are important for this piece of art.

Some of the lines for the contours will follow exactly the triangle line like the front leg that is extended, but others you'll need to draw in some of the muscle contours using a curvy line.

Running Horse Pictures Drawings

(iv) Finish by using pointed triangle like shapes for the hooves and connecting them to the hoof forming the pasterns.

Pencil drawings of horses running

(i) After you are happy with his profile finalize the bottom half of the body contours.

  • Start with the underside of the neck, all four legs, and the belly

This will leave you with just the main features of the lower half of body finalized, but you'll finish the top half soon.

You'll do those next in step five.

Click on 'next step of tutorial' to finish your equine line art drawing. If you need to revisit the previous step to study the angles and placement, you can do that too. You may have to if this is your first try.

Running horse drawing easy
  • It takes practice to get the placement and size right for horse art.

Running Horse Drawing Easy

Leave horse line art tutorial and learn some different drawing styles or how to ride

Running Horse Drawing Images

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Date Added: January 5, 2010
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Description: Well, here is the last of the animal lessons that I will submit for a while. I just wanted to do a tutorial on 'how to draw a running horse', step by step' because I don't have any lessons that show a horse galloping, eating, or even running. I love the way that this sketch came out. If the tail, and mane was a little longer, the drawing would look a little like Spirit. The running horse has a lot of energy, spirit, and grace. I had fun drawing it out, but to tell you the truth, it was a bit challenging. The position of the horses front legs was a little hard to sketch out. But all in all when ever you draw a horse, your bound to come across obstacles along the way because these animals are so beautifully detailed and defined. They are one of the more muscular animals in existence, and they also have a lot of different personalities. One of my favorite horses besides the Appaloosa is the stallion. Stallions are so incredibility beautiful in every sense of the word. My favorite is the black stallion and maybe one day I will draw one. For the mean time, tackle this tutorial that shows you “how to draw a running horse, step by step”. The horse looks a little like a mustang, and because of that I tried sketching a horse face that looks rebellious, and honorable. I will be back later with some really cool and fun drawing lessons on the way. Peace out, and happy drawing!