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Reaper Vst3

Reaper Vst3

Bridging and VST Plug-in Run Mode

How To Add Vst Reaper

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If you are running the 64 bit version of REAPER and wish to use older 32 bit plug-ins you will need to use bridging. By default, REAPER will attempt to work out for any plug-in that you use whether this bridging is required (Options, Preferences, Plug-ins, Compatibility). However, for any plug-in you can override this setting by right-clicking over the plug-in in the FX browser and choosing from the context menu Run as, and selecting one of three options which allow you to specify just how a plug-in is to be bridged. These options are:

Separate process: all bridged plugins for which this option is selected will be put into a single process, external to the main Reaper process. This has the advantage of minimising the resulting CPU load, but also carries a significant disadvantage: if one plugin is buggy and crashes the bridge process, all the other bridged plugins will die too.

Dedicated process: this puts each bridged plugin into a separate bridge process of its own. This will prevent a buggy plug-in from crashing the entire bridge, but it has the downside of increasing the overall CPU load.

Waves only support VST3 in reaper. AU is basically the same, unless the plugin is only available in AU format then it’s likely just a ‘wrapped’ VST made to work in Logic. VST 2/3 is also better for collaboration because you can share your project files with other users on Windows. A quick video tutorial on installing VST plugins to Reaper!If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, enjoy!

Reaper Vst3

Native only: is the default; the plug-ins are run inside the main Reaper process. Bridging can serve another useful function. Even though it is primarily intended for use with 32 bit plug-ins, you can if you wish also bridge (most likely in a dedicated process) any 64 bit plug-in. This has the effect of firewalling REAPER against any adverse effects that could potentially arise from a buggy 64 bit plug-in.

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A further choice, Embed bridge UI, determines whether the bridged plug-in GUI is displayed in the FX Chain wrapper window (or as a floating window) or is displayed in a completely separate (Windows / OSX) window. The choice is provided as some bridged plug-ins behave better in one context than in the other. Remember! You should not store 32 bit plug-ins in the same directory as 64-bit plug-ins.