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This is a VERY deeply sampled version of this classic drum kit for Reaper. And it is completely dry for you to sculpt as you like using Reaper’s superior processing.

Note: This repo is a fork from the original Reaper project, created by the awesome folks at Spotify. The WebUI has been merged in with support for incremental repairs added. Reaper is a centralized, stateful, and highly configurable tool for running Apache Cassandra repairs against single or multi.

Note : This version has all un-normalized , unscaled samples, which, in my opinion, help with maintaining natural dynamics. However, many people better qualified than me do not agree. If you are one of them, you can use one of the may other options / versions on this website.

And if you don’t have Reaper , you can use the included open 24 bit WAV samples in whatever sampler you choose. The samples are precisely named so mapping should be a breeze. But you should at least try the included Reaper kit even if you are not a Reaperite.


What makes it so special ?

Glad you asked. The instrument has :

Kick : 127 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Snare No Ring : 127 velocity layers x 4 round robins
Snare Studio Ring : 127 velocity layers x 4 round robins
Snare Rimshots : 51 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Tom 1 : 49 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Tom 2 : 49 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Tom 3 : 49 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Hihat – Closed : 127 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Hihat – Foot Closed : 46 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Hihat – Foot Open : 46 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Hihat – Loose : 127 velocity layers x 4 round robins
Hihat – Open : 26 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Ride 17 – 49 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Ride 17 Bell – 49 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Ride 20 : 49 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Ride 20 Bell : 45 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Crash 15 : 45 velocity layers x 2 round robins
Crash 17 : 45 velocity layers x 2 round robins

Vsts for reaper

Yes, you read that correct. The main snare (a classic 1965 Ludwig 5″x14″ Jazz Festival Snare drum) has 127 velocity layers and 4 round robins !! The kicks and hats also have 127 velocity layers and 2 round robins !! And I can confirm, it is a pleasure to play and program.

Pick up your jaw off the floor and let’s move on.

The mic channel layout is as follows :-
The Snare: four separate mics (Top, Bottom, Stereo combining Left & Right overheads mic).
The Kick Drum: one close mic as well as Stereo combining Left & Right overhead mics.
The Toms: one close mic as well as Stereo combining Left & Right overhead mics.
The Hats : One Stereo combining Left and Right mics.
The Cymbals : One Stereo combining Left and Right mics

Yes, that is correct. Each of those 127 x 4 snare samples have 4 mic channels (it’s a 4 channel / track WAV file). So effectively its 127 x 4 x 4 = 2032 samples just for just one snare articulation !!

ALL of the samples are multi-channel with the minimum being hats and cymbals (2 channel true stereo) and the main drums being 4 channels. ALL of the samples are unprocessed and un-normalized to preserve their natural dynamics. You can tweak them in a myriad of ways to your liking.

The Reaper instrument provides control over EACH mic channel. Example : for the snare you can mix in some more top mic channel , apply compression to the bottom mic channel and reverb to the overhead channels. Then you can further process these 4 channels combined in the snare bus.

The general flow is :

  1. MIDI In / Drum Sequencer
  2. Samples (multi channel wav files having upto 127 velocity layers and 4 round robins)
  3. Samplers (RS5K instances where the basic sample playback behavior /ADSR / MIDIMap can be tweaked)
  4. Drum Mic Channels (where you can set the mix amount and processing for each mic depending on what’s available)
  5. Drum Buses (where you can process the combined bus for each kit piece)


There is only 1 version (the full sized one) available for you. The old Lite version has been retired.

SM MegaReaper Drumkit

It requires a minimum of 6 GB RAM and 2 GB HDD space.
This is the full kit with all the details as mentioned above.

Reddit Reaper Lords


This is a very clear and helpful manual to get you started :

You should read it cover to cover (it’s a short 21 pages only) to understand the instrument (which has a lot of levels).

Note : Make sure that the mixer (Ctrl + M) and the screensets (Ctrl + E) windows are visible and docked in Reaper at the bottom to maximize your experience.

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