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Live coding session to get phpstan-drupal Drupal 9 and PHP 8 ready - Watch live at PHPStan Drupal 0.12.7 released, latest PHPStan now supported!


There are so many ways to solve a coding task. Each developer has a personal vision and style. This also means there are many opinions about selected approaches and code quality. What one developer values in terms of code quality may be very different than what other developers value.

Phpstan Drupal 9

Extension for PHPStan to allow analysis of Drupal code. mglaman/phpstan-drupal.

Phpstan Drupal 6

On the other hand, development teams are under pressure. Quality releases need to be delivered on time. Coding and compliance standards need to be met. And bugs are not an option. How can a developer survive in this world and not go crazy?


Phpstan Drupal Tutorial

A code review can help you!