• Produced by www.ozbcoz.com - Jim's Ukulele Songbook Ukulele gCEA Tuning W i l l t h e C i rcl e b e U n b ro ke n key:C, artist:Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 1989, Jeff Hanna,Jimmie Fadden,Bob Carpenter,Jimmy Ibbotson,Johnny Cash writer:Ada R. Habershon, Charles H.
  • 'That's Entertainment' is a 1980 song by British punk-mod revivalist group the Jam from their fifth album, Sound Affects. Although never released as a domestic single in the UK during the band's lifetime, 'That's Entertainment' nonetheless charted as an import single (backed by a live version of 'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight'), peaking at No.
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Click to go to Table of Contents Jims Ukulele Songbook 2016-V1 ozbcoz.com 22/Jan/2016 2 Thanks There are a LOT of sites that I need to thank for the contents of this book like. Chords & Lyrics: INTRO Though the days are long, twilight sings a song of the happi - ness that used to be Soon my eyes will close. Soon I'll find repose And in dreams you're always near to me I'll see you in my dreams, hold you in my dreams Someone took you out of my arms, still I feel the thrill of your charms Lips that once were mine, tender eyes that shine They will light my way to-night.


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