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  • The Opera Mini web browser for Android lets you do everything you want to online without wasting your data plan. It’s a fast, safe mobile web browser that saves you tons of data, and lets you download videos from social media. New features. Block ads - Opera Mini has a built-in ad blocker, so you can surf the web without annoying ads.
  • Opera VPN For Chreom is an advanced Proxy service that connects you to a private secure network. The fast and easy connection hides the real IP address, thus opening all blocked websites in your country, providing hidden web surfing and protecting your data.

Add functionality to Opera, or give it a new look. Browserling - Cross-browser testing. Cross-browser test websites in the most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

A robust, versatile and customizable browser

Opera web browser

Opera Touch is made to be used on the go. It features a faster web search and is the perfect companion for your Opera PC browser. Opera relies on our community of testers and long-time fans to help innovate the next generation of browsing and data-saving experiences. If you have any questions about. Powerful, clean, efficient. Opera is your perfect online companion. The Opera browser includes everything you need for private, safe, and efficient browsing, along with a variety of unique features to enhance your capabilities online. The Opera browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers maximizes.

Opera is, together with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, one of the best alternatives when it comes to surfing the Internet.
Opera includes several features which will make easier your...

What's new

It allows downloads through bittorrent protocol
-Enhanced interface thanks to widgets.
-It allows you to block content from any website.

Technical information

Feb 24th, 2021

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Build up the whole picture

When we do things, we do them well.

Limited Data Collection

We try and take the bare minimum amount of information to keep things running smoothly.

No telemetry

We don't need to know what you do within your browser.

Support for Extensions

Waterfox supports the Chrome Web Store, the Opera Web store and the Firefox Store. The most extension support of any browser!


Everyone likes to use their browser in a specific way.

Opera Browser Web Store

  • Tab above address bar
  • Tab below address bar
  • Tab at bottom of browser
  • Status Bar

Waterfox in the Media

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“It’s incredibly difficult for new browsers to penetrate the market, but there’s one such browser called Waterfox, which is attempting to gain a foothold into the market by claiming to be the fastest browser in existence by leveraging on the 64-bit architecture of the latest operating systems.”

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