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15 hours ago  A federal judge has ordered the release of a legal memorandum the Trump-era Justice Department prepared for then-Attorney General William Barr before he.

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Ref: AFM 33-326 Preparing Official Communications


Ref: The Tongue and Quill Official Memorandum example

The memorandum in lieu of orders: is used for a small group of individuals (1-35). It is a onetime use memorandum listing the applicant's names who are applying for official passports without. Official Memorandum Template Subject: FY10 Force Management Author: ESCOBAR ORTIZ, JESSICA G TSgt USAF AFPC AFPC/DP3AM Mike Potter Description: Draft Last modified by: JONES, CHRISTOPHER G TSgt USAF AFMC 412 FSS/FSMPD Created Date: 4/20/2018 8:37:00 PM Company: AFPCA Other titles: Official Memorandum Template. A memorandum is a short notice usually written by the management to address a certain policy or give a certain announcement or changes in an organization. In official instances, a memo is usually written by the organization heads, but even students at different levels of education may be examined on the same.

The Air Force Official Memorandum is the most common format used for written communications in the Air Force. It's used for a variety of purposes from documenting internal squadron policies to conducting official business with DoD agencies. It's also used to conduct business with vendors and contractors.

Official Memorandum

Use printed letterhead, computer-generated letterhead, or plain bond paper. The writer decides which stationery is appropriate. Type or print on both sides of the paper using black or blue-black ink. Use 10 to 12 point fonts for text.

For more information, see the example below, and refer to AFM 33-326, Preparing Official Communications, Chap 3.


Official Memorandum Templates

The images above were taken from AFH 33-337, The Tongue and Quill

Official Memorandum Letter



An informal record, in the form of a brief written note or outline, of a particular legal transaction or document for the purpose of aiding the parties in remembering particular points or for future reference.

A memorandum may be used in court to prove that a particular contract was made. For instance, in a real estate transaction, a memorandum can be used to show that the parties to a sale have entered into an agreement to sell a particular parcel at an indicated price, in addition to other details of the agreement. This type of memorandum is also referred to as a binder.

Official Memorandum For Record

An attorney might use a memorandum to explain and summarize a specific point of law for a judge or for another attorney.

A memorandum decision is a written decision, issued by a court, which reports the ruling, and the decisions and orders of the court. It does not, however, contain an opinion, which is an explanation of the rationale upon which the decision was based.

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