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Muscoda is a village in Grant and Iowa counties in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The population was 1,453 at the 2000 census. The Grant County part of the village lies in the town of Muscoda, while the Iowa County portion lies in the town of Pulaski, and is the largest village in the county, and third largest community.
Muscoda (pronounced MUS-co-day) was originally known as English Prairie, named for two English fur traders, Abraham Lansing and Garrit Roseboom, who opened a post at the close of the French and Indian War. Lansing and his son were murdered in 1763 by their French assistants and the fame of the murder kept the name English Prairie alive until 1840.
The word Muscoda (pronounced 'MUS-co-day') may be a corruption of the Ojibwa (Chippewa) word mashkode, meaning 'prairie'. The name was evidently taken from Longfellow's Hiawatha, in which it is mentioned several times:

  1. Muscadet Region Map
  2. Muscadet Wine Region Map
MapMuscadet wine mapMuscadet region map

Muscadet Region Map

Muscadet Map

Melon de Bourgogne (AKA Muscadet) Maps from Lonely Planet - The Loire. The Melon de Bourgogne winegrape is grown in France near the Atlantic Ocean end of the Loire valley, near the city of Nantes. It originated in Burgundy (Bourgogne is the French name for Burgundy.) The wines from this grape in this region are called 'Muscadet'.

Muscadet Wine Region Map

  1. Gorges is the only area in the Muscadet featuring basalt soils. The wines have a unique structure compared to the others of the region. Monnieres-St-Fiacre, planted in sandy limestone on gneiss, is the first officially designated cru in Muscadet.
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