Mouse Easy Drawing


How to Draw Mickey Mouse Easy Step 1. We're starting Mickey off with a circle for the head and a drop of water for the body. Two little ovals will make Mickey's ears! Draw 4 noodles for the arms and legs. Let's give Mickey his hands by drawing them as mittens. Mouse drawing colour,2. How to draw rat,3. How to draw mouse,4. Rat drawing easy for beginners step by step.

Mouse Easy Drawing

Mickey's classic dress is only red shorts, big yellow shoes, and white gloves. Learn to draw such a classic Mickey Mouse is a very fun thing, suitable for elementary school students. You can try to draw his girlfriend or friends next to him.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to draw the running Mickey. If you like it, pick up the pen and follow the steps below to try it!


√ Draw Mickey Mouse PDF <—– Click to download

√ Drawing papers

√ Markers / Crayons / Colored Pencils


Elementary school students


Mickey Mouse Easy Drawing Pictures


1 hour


How to draw Mickey Mouse

1. Draw the eyes, nose and smile.

2. Outline the head. Then draw two circles to get the ears.

3. Draw the head completely, as shown above.

4. Draw an arm. Then draw a glove.

5. Draw another arm and a fist.

Drawing Of Mouse

6. Draw Mickey's body. And then draw the pants.

Mickey Mouse Easy Drawing Images

7. Draw a leg. Then draw a big shoe.

8. Draw the other leg and shoe.

Mickey Mouse Easy Drawing

9. Finally, color it carefully. This cartoon Mickey is done!