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Bring your art to life with Magic Pad™! Magic Pad™ is the fun light-up drawing pad that illuminates your art! The exciting new way to draw, sketch and create! Magic Pad’s unique screen is crystal clear! Simply press the button to see your art glow super bright like magic! Choose from 8 different & colorful light effects! Refill for Ultimate Sketch Pad 11' x 14' by Sean Bogunia At any time during his show, the performer displays an artist's sketch pad and draws an outline of a face. Unexpectedly, the drawing somehow becomes animated with moving eyes and mouth! This 60 sheet sketchpad is the refill for Sean Bogunia's fantastic Ultimate Sketch Pad.

  • Simple, powerful, free tools to create and use millions of apps.
  • The Magic Light Up Sketchpad is essentially educative board that brings LIFE to your kids letterings and drawings. It is less messy than kids drawing animals on your house walls, writing with color markers and leaves you behind a HUGE mess for you to clean.
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Magic Sketch Pad Create Art That Glows

A compact long range handheld remote allows you to control the action yourself or have an assistant off stage control the action! Also, you can switch effortlessly between LIVE action and program mode so you can take advantage of those impromptu moments on stage, This allows LIVE interactions with your audience! Take advantage of those great impromptu moments with spectators! Have the face start talking when you are not even on the stage! Now for the KILLER ending! You lift up the single sheet of paper that you drew the face on and tear it from the Sketch Pad in full view of the audience and hand it out!!
NO SWITCHES! NO TRICKY MOVES! You tear off the ACTUAL drawing and hand it to a spectator for a souvenir they will NEVER forget!
What makes this Sketch Pad so Different from my other versions??
Well, Let me tell you!
-It can be Manually operated
-It can playback a program
-It can be controlled LIVE!

Sean Bogunia's LIVE Sketch Pad measures 11' wide by 14' tall, perfect for platform or stage performers. This pad also uses rechargeable LiPo Battery technology for the Remote and 9 Volt batteries for the Pad. It comes complete with everything you need for dozens of performances. Refill with any same size Sketch pad or purchase refills from us. We even include a case and batteries!!
Sean Bogunia's LIVE Sketch Pad comes with everything you need to start performing right away!
-Aluminum Carrying Case
-DVD instructions
-50 Page Drawing Pad
-Marker and Accessory Items
-Handheld Remote
-Batteries and Charger

What is the difference between the MANUAL Sketch Pad and the LIVE Sketch Pad?
The MANUAL Sketch Pad is just what the name implies, it works totally by MANUAL action, NO ELECTRONICS, your fingers do the work! The LIVE Sketch Pad is programmable, live action with a remote and can also be worked manually. To see more about the MANUAL version Click Here.
What is the difference between the Ultimate Sketch Pad 4.0-5.0 and the LIVE Sketch Pad?
Well, first of all, we no longer make the other models (4.0 and 5.0). We only make the MANUAL Sketch Pad and the LIVE Pad. Also, none of the other pads had LIVE control, this means that you can now work the eyes and mouth live with the remote or on a program.

What is the difference between the Note Pad Surprise and the LIVE Sketch Pad?
The Note Pad Surprise is a small manual hand held version that is best for close-up situations such as table hopping. The LIVE Sketch Pad is much larger and better for stage performances.

Is the LIVE Sketch Pad hard to program?
The LIVE Sketch Pad is very easy to program! You simply press a button and turn a wheel. The microchip records your movements and plays it back when you are ready! You can easily record both the mouth and eye movement!

What type of batteries does the LIVE Sketch Pad use?
The LIVE Sketch Pad uses one 9 volt battery and 1 LiPo battery. Batteries are included in the package and also the Handheld remote acts as a charger for the LiPo battery!

Does the LIVE Sketch Pad make any noise?

The LIVE Sketch Pad uses 2 servo motors to make the Mouth and Eye movements. There is a slight 'swishing' sound that comes from the servos. This noise is much less when you make the movements slower and is easily covered by talking (ventriloquism) or music. Also, the servo noise is almost undetectable on stage.