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  • Click on Mirror Apple TV to resize your Mac's resolution to match the resolution of your TV. LG do not make a dedicated Mac application that supports Smart Share. In the case you don't have a 2019 LG TV, an alternative to screen share is using Plex Media Server.
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LG Smart TVs are one of the most famous smart TVs on the internet. They are complete entertainment systems with a lot of features that make the whole user experience a lot more effortless. Now the LG Smart TVs that came after 2019 allow you to play Apple Music on LG Smart TV through Apple AirPlay 2 natively. You can also sync your Apple Music from LG Smart TV to any Apple AirPlay 2 compatible devices in the house.

Now, if you have been using an LG Smart TV that is older than 2019 models, you cannot play Apple Music natively. They do not support Apple AirPlay 2. So, in this article, we will be explaining how to play Apple music on LG TV with 2 different methods.

Part 1. How to AirPlay Apple Music to LG Smart TV

Lg Mirroring App

In September this year, LG dispatched a coordinated Amazon Music application for the OLED, NanoCell, and keen LCD Smart TVs created somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2020 for LG TV proprietors. This is uplifting news for Amazon Music endorsers, yet what are the other LG brilliant TV music applications accessible? Indeed, there aren’t numerous choices. We don’t have famous music streaming apps like Apple Music. Yet, don’t stress. We can actually stream Apple Music on LG TV from 2019 onwards, and here is a quick step-by-step guide to doing that.

Step 1. Ensure that your LG TV and iOS gadgets are associated with a similar WiFi organization.

Step 2. Press the Home button on your TV controller to open the LG menu. Go to Home Dashboard and open the AirPlay menu. Enter and ensure your AirPlay is turned on.

Step 3. Swipe up from the lower part of your iOS gadget to get to Control Center. Then tap on Screen Mirroring to pick your LG TV. A code will appear on your LG TV and enter it on your telephone to match.

Screen Mirroring Windows 10 To Lg Smart Tv Not Working

Step 4. Presently go to Apple Music on your iOS gadget and begin streaming music to your TV. Next time you need to stream Apple Music to LG TV, you don’t need to rehash the 3 stages above. You can straightforwardly begin playing Apple Music on your telephone and press the AirPlay symbol and select LG TV.

Part 2. How to Use USB to Play Apple Music on LG TV

Presently how about we proceed onward to how to have Apple Music LG TV stream on models that are older than 2019, which does not support Apple AirPlay. Since LG TV upholds bringing in nearby tunes for playback with the goal that we can download the Apple Music to neighborhood documents and move them to your TV. In any case, one trouble is that all Apple Music are encoded in M4P design, which is only readable by Apple as it were. So now we are going to introduce an app that allows you to break all those encryptions and helps you stream Apple Music to LG TV that are older than 2019.

The application that we will present is called Tunelf Audio Converter. Tunelf Audio Converter permits you to change over the formats of the melodies into the ideal arrangement that you can later tune in to on your sound gadgets. It has a wide class of numerous sound organizations, for example, WAV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, and so on. It gives the client a basic and simple-to-utilize interface, making it simple for a novice to handily utilize the application.

It can undoubtedly change over melodies and book recordings multiple times quicker than some other sound converter accessible on the web. Presently we will give you a nitty-gritty guide on the best way to utilize Tunelf Audio Converter to download Apple Music and afterward play it on LG Smart TV.

  • Remove built-in DRM protection from Audible, Apple Music, and iTunes
  • Convert Apple Music, iTunes audios, and Audible books to MP3 and more
  • Cut large Audible or iTunes audiobooks into small segments by chapters
  • Keep audios with ID3 tags and lossless audio quality at 30× faster speed

Step 1 Open Tunelf Audio Converter and import Apple Music

To import, dispatch the application, at that point, go to Apple Music and locate your ideal songs. Presently duplicate its URL connection and glue it in the information field of Tunelf Audio Converter. You can likewise use the simplified signal to import Apple Music to Tunelf Audio Converter, which is a significantly simpler technique.

Step 2 Modify the settings and other parameters

Presently go to the settings board and pick your ideal organization from the Format settings. Since you are finished choosing your ideal yield, click on the OK symbol on the bottom right corner of the settings tab to affirm the settings. You can likewise change different settings as well.

Step 3 Convert and downloading the Apple Music

Presently the last advance is to tap on the Convert catch, and it will begin downloading. It will be put away in the objective envelope whenever it is downloaded.

Step 4 Importing Apple Music on LG Smart TV

Now just plug-in a USB device into your computer and import the Apple Music into the USB device. After that, plug the USB device into your LG Smart TV and play the desired songs.


In this article, we go to know about how to play Apple Music on LG Smart TVs through AirPlay or Tunelf Audio Converter. Tunelf Audio Converter is no doubt the best tool that you can use to download songs from different platforms.

Screen mirroring not working iphone to lg smart tv
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After working flawlessly for 7 months, screen share with my windows 10 laptop stopped working 2 weeks ago with no explanation whatsoever. The error message I get on my lg 65w7 is 'your desktop has successfully connected to your tv but there is an issue sharing its screen'. I checked the laptop first but every diagnosis returns positive data concerning the Miracast functions (drivers, etc, etc). My laptop connects indeed with the tv but it is only black screen and immediately disconnected. I asked directly the support team from LG but apart of restarting and resetting everything to factory settings and updating of course to latest firmware they did not suggest anything and did not offer any troubleshooting methods. Has anyone experienced such behavior ? Is there any solution ? Thank you.


  • @freddyoprea, Good day,
    Just checking all bases, both devices are on the same internet network? Try turning off the router, on the TV and the laptop turn off connecting to Wi-Fi, turn the router back on, and reconnect to the network.
    Try doing a firmware update on the TV:
    Here is our troubleshooting article for screen share:
  • This may help you and others.

    My iPhone 7+, current OS, connected perfectly to my LG 60' until one day it didn't. The error message on the iPhone was something to the effect of 'Can't connect to LG OS' or something like that.

    Went through all the usual steps, verified the TV was updated, phone was updated, restarted WiFi, swore a little, blah, blah, blah. Nothing worked and figured there was no reason to ask Apple or LG for ideas since one would likely blame the other and I'd have to live with it either way. That's just how things are in this connected world.

    Then a light bulb went off. I knew there was no going backward with the iPhone OS but I could sure reset the LG to factory settings. I did and that fixed it. Whatever update LG did at whatever point didn't play nice with the Apple OS. I then set the LG to not do updates. I'll take my chances on missing a 'really important' one.

    An added 'bonus' when it was failing, the phone would still 'see' the TV in the phone's Mirroring selector box and then when I'd tap on it, if the TV was off, it would turn it on. Didn't realize that until one morning when my wife asked why I left the TV on all night. I'd been fiddling with the phone/mirroring while not in the TV room, went to bed and didn't know I'd turned it on. At least the cats enjoyed the all-night entertainment.

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