Lescaut manon
  • There are few depictions of young love more immediate and overflowing with unvarnished emotion than Manon Lescaut, the work for which Puccini first earned widespread acclaim. Marco Armiliato leads the Met Orchestra and Chorus in a score awash with color, melody, and searing drama.
  • Roerto De Candia is a solid Lescaut, and Sarah Connolly is a good presence as the musician. Not to mention this is the production with the creepiest Geronte's group of friends I've seen, all have an individual way of greeting Manon with one even licking her hand. The video directing and picture quality are pretty good if not exemplary.

Lescaut Manon


Les Caution Bancaire

Oxford World's Classics

  • A new translation of this classic novel of the power of love, that retains the flavour of the period in fluent and readable English.
  • Uses the second 1753 version of the text published in Prévost's lifetime, which was a meticulous reworking of the first - more coherent and more refined.
  • Reproduces the eight illustrations and vignette that appeared with the 1753 edition and that were approved by Prévost.
  • Wide-ranging introduction charts the story since the succès de scandale of its first publication to its rich after-life on stage and considers the role of the unreliable narrator in its continuing popularity.
  • The novel has been made into plays, ballets, and operas by Massenet and Puccini which continue to be widely performed.
Lescaut manonLescaut

Les Cautions Bancaires

Manon Lescaut Themes Social Influence on the Ill-Fated Romance Manon and Des Grieux’s story is a familiar tale of two lovers who love each other desperately but cannot be together because of circumstances beyond their control.