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Dashlane password manager offers a complimentary free VPN subscription to all its premium users. If you are subscribed to the premium plan, you will get free VPN access via Dashlane mobile app. Note: The VPN offered by Dashlane is only average, and you may find some reduced speed on your internet connection if you are using Dashlane VPN. Unlike Dashlane, LastPass doesn’t function as a standalone app but rather a browser-based UI. This means that the program is accessible from any browser rather than solely a device with the app or browser extension installed. The features offered by LastPass are extremely similar to Dashlane, including the ability to add information and notes. Despite some major differences between LastPass and Dashlane, they both have many features in common. So ultimately the deciding factor comes down to whether you prefer a downloadable program or a solution that exists only in the cloud. Monitor up to 100 email address through dark web monitoring with LastPass Premium vs up to 5 with Dashlane Premium. Stronger security, for less Save with LastPass Premium for $36 per year, versus Dashlane Premium for $60 per year. LastPass Premium Dashlane Premium.

In a world where an average internet user is registered to countless sites, a password manager can be a true life safer. Not only do these neat programs store all sorts of credentials, but they have other complementary solutions from password sharing to two-factor authentication options.

LastPass and Dashlane provide all of these features, so what are the distinguishing features between the two? Which will fulfill your preferences, or stand out as the right choice? They’re both clever programs for managing those pesky passwords, so the only question is this: do you prefer web-only software like LastPass, or a program that is downloaded and installed like Dashlane?

OverviewAppsAdd-onsData TypesSecurity & PrivacyFree VersionPricingPayment MethodsSupport
Main Features
Free VersionsFree VersionsFree Versions
Form Filling
Cloud Syncing
Local Storage
Password Generator
Password Sharing
Import Browser Data
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Export Data
Mobile Apps
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Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Data Types
Payment Information
Secure Notes
Email Accounts
Wi-Fi Networks
Software Licenses
Security and Privacy Features
Fingerprint Login
Mobile App Pin Unlock
Two-Factor Authentication
Features of the Free Version
Password Sharing
# CredentialsUnlimited50
Pricing Plans
Lifetime License
Price$2/mo ($24/yr)$3.33/mo ($39.99/yr)
Free TrialNo
Free Version
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
Available Payment Methods
American Express
Wire Transfer
Customer Service
Live Chat
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Not only is LastPass a simple and logical password manager, but it is also economical for hard drive space since the software doesn’t require the installation of a desktop app. Upon installing the browser add-on, which supports Microsoft Edge, the program imports all your passwords and other credentials, but data can be pulled from other password managers as well. No matter which method is chosen, LastPass automatically gathers credentials into its default folders or a specified folder created by you.

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Aside from passwords, other data can be stored as well, from secure notes to forms, all of which can be safely shared with trusted parties. Its app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices and is even more smartly laid out than its web equivalent, and even includes a safe built-in browser. Additionally, LastPass provides 13 options for the two-factor authentication – including its own (separate) app – and it uses the standard military-grade AES-256 encryption on each device the program is used.

Credit Card Stored as Secure Note

Lastpass To Dashlane

Authentication With App

If this isn’t convincing enough, the price will definitely turn you into a LastPass enthusiast: the free version of the program contains everything a user would expect or need from a password manager, but the other complementary features only come in at $2 per month.


Lastpass To Dashlane

Although Dashlane exists as a download-only app, it is still as convenient as if it were fully web-based since all your data are stored in the cloud. The program itself is laid out simply and logically, capable of storing not only ordinary login credentials, but documents, confidential notes and even receipts of online purchases as well. Additionally all of these options can be searched and safely shared with a third party, even for emergency purposes.

Should a site that you have registered onto Dashlane become compromised, the software alerts you immediately and prompts for a change of password with a single click on the appropriately named Password Changer. But Dashlane goes even further when it comes to security: all data is encrypted with the company’s patented encryption method, passwords are duly evaluated and access is only possible with devices that are authenticated by the program. To top it all, the iOS and Android app, which serves as a two-step authenticator, is also capable of unlocking the program with your fingerprint.

The Password Changer

The App Used for Authentication

Like most password managers Dashlane has a free version, but to enjoy the software at its fullest it is best to choose the Premium subscription, which is only $2.50 per month on a five-year plan.


Despite some major differences between LastPass and Dashlane, they both have many features in common. So ultimately the deciding factor comes down to whether you prefer a downloadable program or a solution that exists only in the cloud.

Import dashlane to lastpass

LastPass is an entirely web-based solution, capable of integrating into all major web browsers and intelligently sorting all credentials imported from various sources. Clients using LastPass enjoy a simple and straightforward interface, an equally user-friendly mobile app, a clever authenticator, and a convincing pricing policy. Dashlane, on the other hand, provides a downloadable program equipped with plenty of clever solutions like the Password Changer, the option to store virtually all kinds of credentials and an app that has integrated two-factor authentication. All of the above is available either for free or in an affordable premium plan, the price of which can be further reduced on a longer subscription.

Best Password Managers of 2021

Editor's Choice 2021
  • Fantastic security
  • Flexible platform
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy-to-use
  • Simple, straightforward
  • Flawless data import
  • Built-in VPN
  • Advanced iOS/Android app

  • Simple and straightforward client
  • Categorization of stored credentials
  • Biometric authentication
  • Versatile customer service

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LastPass vs Dashlane: Comparison between the best password manager. Many people have strong opinions about this password managing software. A few years back when Dashlane was launched, it became very popular very quickly. But why does it have so much popularity?

Dashlane was the number one password manager in the world. It used to be free but since it was developed by Carnegie Mellon University, it is now available for a fee. Users loved it because it was easy to use. In fact, it was so easy that many people could learn how to create their own passwords in a matter of minutes.

Disadvantages of Dashlane

One disadvantage of Dashlane was its slow speed. This meant that it took longer to identify passwords and save them into the computer. Another drawback of Dashlane was the possibility of being seen as spam. Every website could see your personal data so that meant every site you visited on the Internet was tracking your activities. This was not good if you visited siteslike social networking sites.

So, in order to find out which password managing program is better, we need to compare LastPass to Dashlane. Both these programs are very popular and both have good reputations. There are only a few differences between the two though. We will look at these differences in detail so that you can make an informed decision.

Difference between LastPass vs Dashlane

One major difference is the complexity of the passwords. Dashlane is more difficult to create than LastPass which makes it the easier choice. You also have the choice to create as many passwords as you want but this may take longer. Also, Dashlane costs a little bit more money.

On the other hand, LastPass allows you to use unlimited passwords which means that your passwords are much more secure. It also has a simple interface and doesn’t have a lot of complicated features. In fact, it’s just easy to use and it will only take a few minutes to set up.

In terms of ease of use, the biggest difference is probably between LastPass and Dashlane. Both use their passwords storage feature but LastPass has a lot more options while Dashlane is limited to storing under seven passwords. Also, Dashlane requires a login and password to use its online storage feature whereas LastPass doesn’t. As for security, Dashlane is the winner but LastPass has some great security options as well such as shortlisting.

Final Discussion about Password Manager

The final comparison is between LastPass vs Dashlane: one uses passwords and the other doesn’t. This is a very technical issue, because no matter how secure your passwords are, a hacker can crack them. LastPass stores your passwords on their server so even if they are cracked, the passwords can still be used. On the other hand, Dashlane doesn’t store any passwords on their server, which means that your passwords can be stolen. So in this case, it’s all about usability versus security.

Password strength is one of the most important things you should consider when choosing a password manager. There are two ways to increase the strength of your password. One is to change every password you use with a new one and the other is to use a combination of one of your existing passwords and a random one. Although Dashlane offers a strong password generator, it doesn’t come in handy too often. It will however save you a lot of time if you ever forget your password. However, if you’re on a business site, it’s not really a priority.

Dashlane also has an efficient way of storing your passwords. Instead of having to remember them by hand, you only have to type them into the provided fields. It’s also a good idea to look at their integration with other programs such as cPanel and Windows Mobile. Many popular third party applications now use Dashlane as a backend. This makes using the password manager much more convenient.

Characteristics of LastPass and Dashlane

LastPass offers a lot of added features compared to Dashlane. These include the ability to set up multiple profiles for easier access. You can also make use of a PIN feature to unlock the vault more quickly. For business sites, you can use the vault anywhere you want – online or offline. You won’t need any special software to access your account;LastPass will do it all for you.

Compare Lastpass To Dashlane

These are the main differences between thesetwo password managers. However, LastPass does have its downsides such as the length of time it takes to generate a strong password. They also tend to use too many unique characters in a password, which can decrease the strength. Another downside is the cost; while the free version is free, the pro version costs $40.

Export Lastpass To Dashlane

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