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The #1 choice for Remote Desktop Support, offering easy to use support features on desktop & mobile. Learn more about GoToAssist and start a trial today! LastPass, launched in 2008, is one of the older password managers and one of the more widely used, with 25 million customers as of September 2020.

To help you secure and simplify your digital life in time for the holidays, we’re excited to offer 40% offLastPass Premium for a limited time! Our Cyber Week Special is available now through November 30th for new and Free users on their first year of LastPass Premium.

Due to COVID-19, more people than ever are expected to shop virtually for the 2020 holiday season. Online shopping can certainly be convenient, but it can be full of frustrations and scams, too. Before you hand over your money and personal details to dozens of online retailers, getting started with a password manager can help you avoid holiday fraud while saving precious time.

Why LastPass?

A password manager like LastPassis like autopilot for all of your usernames and passwords. It offers a safe vault for encrypting and locking up your credentials, then fills them in for you as you log in to shop. Your time is important, and LastPass keeps you browsing quickly while offering security benefits and peace of mind, including:

  • Unlimited password storage. Store all of your passwords, credit cards, files, and more in an encrypted, secure vault. 
  • Security dashboard. Your cybersecurity command center for assessing password security and monitoring accounts for data breaches. View your security score and see a list of your weak and reused passwords to immediately improve your security.
  • Dark web monitoring. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that LastPass will alert you if your information is found on the dark web. This new feature monitors your accounts and sends you an alert if your information is found to be compromised on the dark web. 
  • Access on all devices. Desktop, laptop, phone tablet – no matter where you need your passwords, the items you add on one device show up automatically across all of your devices. 
  • Online shopping made simple.When you’re ready to make a purchase, your profile will fill all your payment and shipping details for you. 
  • Save and autofill. LastPass stores and generates your passwords, saving you tons of time and effort – no remembering or typing required. 
  • Password share. Some things shouldn’t be sent over text or email. Conveniently and safely share passwords with anyone. 

No matter how you’re celebrating this holiday season, LastPass helps you take your cybersecurity into your own hands. By using strong, generated passwords created and stored by LastPass, you’ll better protect yourself from scammers and hackers.

Visiting trusted sites and letting LastPass fill your information for you will not only save you time during this extra-stressful year, it will also better protect your personal details. LastPass keeps your information private, secure, and hidden (even from us), and is trusted by industry experts worldwide.

Our Cyber Week discount of 40% off LastPass Premium is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all LastPass has to offer to help you secure and simplify your life this holiday season. Click below for more details and to get this discount!

I have a confession to make: I constantly forget all my passwords, and I don’t use a password manager.

This is a personal failing. Apparently, the rest of the digital world has long realized that password managers are life-changing and security-enhancing.

But now LastPass, a popular manager, has implemented new restrictions on their free tier. According to , LastPass’s free version will only allow users to view their passwords from one type of device, either mobile or computer, starting March 16. On that date, users will have to choose their device category, which they will be able to switch only three times, or upgrade to Premium at $3/month.

Since I do actually want to make my life easier and more secure (and yours, too!): I've gathered the best free and paid alternatives to LastPass.

Lastpass Sale

1. , Free or $10/year for Premium

Nothing makes me trust an app more than a clever name. Just kidding. Bitwarden may be a great password manager name, but it also promises the most password support (for free) across any number of devices, including mobile and computers via browser extension or desktop app. If you don't have access to your devices but need your passwords, it also features a web vault that you can get into from any web-enabled device.

If you particularly love Bitwarden, $10/year gets you Premium features, like 1 GB of encrypted file storage and advanced two-factor authentication.

2. , $59.99-$119.99/year

Here’s the deal: If I’m going to pay for something, I better be getting all the bells and whistles. And while at first glance Dashlane is more expensive annually than LastPass, the bigger price tag includes one very important feature: VPN protection. According to our friends at , Dashlane VPN protection is a licensed version of Hotspot Shield, which usually costs $95.88 yearly, with the added bonus of unlimited devices. And of course, you get the password management system across all those devices, too.

3. , Free or $4/month for Premium

Alternatively, I’m willing to work harder for free stuff. WWPass PassHub (horrible name) is a cloud-based web app that is super secure, as it relies on an Android or iOS device to act as a passkey. The passkey is a QR code that lives on an app, which replaces the master password that most password managers use and offers greater security.

Here’s the hard work part: WWPass PassHub only recently added a Chrome extension, so it can help automatically fill in some password forms on Chrome only. On any other browser, it can’t capture all of your previous usernames and passwords, so you’ll have to manually input them all yourself, and copy and paste passwords from PassHub into your forms.

Lastpass Premium Vs Family

4. , Free

If you’re into using your phone as your passkey, Myki Password Manager and Authenticator uses a similar app-to-browser extension pairing system. But instead of a QR code, you input a six-digit PIN or fingerprint to get in. Make sure that the device you’re using as your passkey is your primary smartphone, as this is the only device all passwords will automatically sync to. You can get your passwords to sync across other devices, but you will have to unlock Myki on your passkey app every time to get access.

5. , $34.99/year

If you’re someone who’d rather pay a little to feel a lot more secure, Keeper promises a ton of features for a reasonable price. Coming in at just a little bit cheaper than LastPass, Keeper gives you a seamless experience with unlimited devices, automatic password capture, form filling, two-factor authentication, a digital vault for file storage, and a robust emergency access system.

6. Dropbox Passwords, Free or $9.99/month, $16.99/month, or $199/year for upgrades

Lastpass Sale Date

Dropbox rolled out a password management system to its paid users last year, but the company is expanding the service to free Dropbox Basic accounts in April 2021. The free version will allow Basic users to save up to 50 passwords that can be accessed on up to three devices. If you want to store and autofill an unlimited amount of passwords and have access to the rest of Dropbox's services, you can upgrade to the Plus ($9.99/month), Family ($16.99/month for up to six users), or Professional ($199/year) plans.

Lastpass Sales Phone Number

UPDATE: March 17, 2021, 10:53 a.m. PDT This post has been updated to add Dropbox's new password manager option for its free plan users.