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Once you download the LastPass extension from, it integrates directly with Safari on your iPhone, iPad, Macbook, or macOS device. Whenever you log in to an account on a website, LastPass will ask to save the username and password. When you return to the site, the LastPass autofill feature will activate for you! LastPass will store your Apple account password so you can sign onto any Apple device or platform. First download and log in to LastPass In Safari, open up Preferences and click Passwords Copy-paste any stored logins to new entries in the LastPass vault Once you’ve transferred your existing, open.

  • Jul 06, 2017 The native Safari browser works really well, and all the other apps work with it. So here’s how to use LastPass in Safari on iOS. First, you’ll need to be using LastPass. Second, you’ll need to open up LastPass on your desktop browser in your regular computer, and then open your Vault, and then click on Bookmarklets.
  • LastPass for iOS is an app that will allow you to carry your LastPass data around with you and easily log in to websites from your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
  • LastPass — #1 overall free password manager. Offers unlimited password storage on multiple devices (but you have to choose either desktop devices or mobile devices). LastPass is the only free password manager that offers password auditing, 2FA compatibility, password sharing, and a built-in authenticator.


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How do I import passwords from other sources into LastPass?

If you are coming to LastPass from another password manager, you may already have spent a considerable amount of time storing your user names, passwords, and other data within that program or web browser. To assist with this transition, you have the ability to import your stored data seamlessly into LastPass.

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Lastpass Safari Iphone
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Lastpass Safari Iphone 11

Lastpass safari iphone

For those of you who use LastPass through our Safari extension, we need your attention. Apple has implemented a change in how they handle Safari extensions. Previously, a Safari user could simply download an extension and use it in their browser. Now Apple is requiring users to download and install a Mac App to get the extension.

What this means for you

If you use Safari, the good news is you can continue to use the browser extension as you always have. The new version will simply open as an application on your desktop and run in the background. But the browser extension will still appear in the top of your browser bar.

Next steps

To keep your browser extension working as usual – please download the required app from our site. The steps are highlighted below – and you will also be prompted to complete each step.

  1. Install and run the app
  2. Login to the app
  3. Enable it in Safari – in the Preferences/ Extensions.

Installing this new version will uninstall the old one. Click here for more detailed instructions.

Once you complete the above steps, you are good to go! Just keep using LastPass and Safari together.

If you have questions, please submit a ticket here and our support team can help.