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Lastpass RokuSporadically, no rhyme or reason that I can discern, my Roku 3 consistently loses my credentials for Netflix. This is incredibly annoying as entering passwords on the Roku is not fun. My wife can't seem to find the password in Lastpass (and is bit technology challenged anyway) and my kids are young enough to know how to use the system but too young to understand how to 'fix' the system for themselves.

LastPass browser extension for Microsoft Edge without a binary component. Features dependent on a binary component, such as automatic logoff after idle and sharing of login state with other browsers, will not function. LastPass for Opera. LastPass says its dark web monitoring will be available to Premium, Family and Business customers. According to a press release from LastPass, the feature will proactively watch for “breach activity” and alert users when they need to take action.

Yes, I've tried to power cycle the Roku. Still happens.
  1. I use LastPass and Roku's. I haven't set up a device in a few years, but the only password I've ever had to enter was my Netflix password. All other logins required.
  2. How To Log Into Netflix on Roku with a Really Long Password. I’d rather sled bare-back on a giant cheese grater than type 60 random characters into a Roku with a remote control. Let alone 3 Rokus. Roku has Android and iOS apps, and they support typing (and copy-pasting) using your smartphone or tablet keyboard. This is a life-saver.
Yes, I've tried to reset the Roku. Still happens.

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This happens about once every couple of weeks.

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Regardless, resetting the Roku is not a solution. Netflix loses the password, why let's reset it and lose ALL the passwords why don't we? Silly suggestion and as mentioned, it don't work and the issue reappears.
Other information that my be pertinent: my Roku is wired; I have no SD card installed.

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This makes an otherwise fantastic product less than stellar as for me and my family, this is a really a 'Netflix box' that happens to have some other stuff.