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As detailed here, import your chrome passwords to Safari. In MacOS settings for iCloud, make sure 'Keychain' is enabled for sync. Following these steps allowed my LastPass passwords to migrate to my other apple devices, both MacOS and iOS. EDIT - There are a few caveats. Using LastPass on iOS: Tricks you Might have Missed. Autofill mobile sites and apps. Typing in usernames and passwords on your phone is the worst. The tiny keyboard only makes it harder to type in. Save new accounts easily. Generate secure passwords. Save items to your vault directly. Feb 14, 2020 1) Open Keychain Access on your Mac. You can launch the tool from your Applications Utilities folder or by popping “Keychain Access” into Spotlight. 2) Select the items on the left that you want to export by choosing one of the Keychains at the top and a Category at the bottom.

There are plenty of password managers out there, including industry-leading solutions like Enpass and LastPass, but Microsoft believes that an approach that’s currently working on could eventually be the one that iPhone users pick to replace the iCloud keychain.

  1. LastPass announced a few days ago they are going to limit the device type for free account. While I am totally supportive for the move and have been a paying customer for a few years until recently, I now have more motivation to move my password to iCloud Keychain.
  2. 'as secure as' depends on what exactly you mean. In terms of cryptographic best practices I'd bet that they are equivalent. That being said, LastPass has.

More specifically, Microsoft is working on updating the Microsoft Authenticator app with new capabilities, and one of them appears to be support for passwords.

The new feature would work similarly to the iCloud keychain integration on the iPhone, and Microsoft Authenticator would be able to automatically fill passwords for the remembered websites. Needless to say, authentication systems like Face ID would continue to be offered, as it’s the case right now in the app.

Microsoft has already added the new capabilities as part of a recent beta, and screenshots that have been posted online lately show that Microsoft would also allow users to configure the Authenticator as the default password managed on the device.

Microsoft taking over the iPhone


With the release of iOS 14, Apple has finally opened up the mobile operating system to third parties, allowing users to change the default apps with anything they want. So in addition to browsers and email apps, users would also be capable to choose a different password manager by heading over to the password autofill section in the Settings screen on their iPhone.

Move Lastpass To Icloud Keychain

Microsoft seems to be betting big on the Authenticator app, and the company wants to make it a critical part of the experience that its users get on the iPhone. With the new Authenticator, users would be able to import passwords from Microsoft Edge browser, and this is likely something really big, as Microsoft would thus push for its application to replace Safari on the iPhone too.

Icloud Keychain Review

So the goal here could be turning its suite of apps into the new default choices on the iPhone, no matter if we’re talking about browsers, email clients, or password autofill providers.