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The Loving Reaper book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. He is the last friend for those who are cast out of life.

name: Jenny Hefczyc nationality: German contact: [email protected]

  • Jenny-Jinya Original artist of the 'Loving Reaper' comics. Sad comics to raise awareness and funds!:)
  • Read Loving Reaper Now! Digital comics on WEBTOON, Animals struggle. Pets and Wildlife alike. The reaper cares for their stories and helps them with the crossover. Short stories about the 'Loving Reaper' to raise awareness and collect funds. Breaking hearts for a good cause. Drama, available online for free.

Hello. I'm Jen and I am an Artist who constantly works on stuff. Mainly Illustrative stuff

and either highly controversial comics or comics with questionable humor.


Jenny jinya loving reaper girl

I'm a freelance illustrator from Germany, currently studying Digital Media at the HAWK University of Applied Science, towards my Bachelor of Arts.

I've also been an exchange Student at the Swinburne University in Australia, Melbourne until July 2018, studying in Units like Animation, Design and Game Studies.

Jenny Jinya Comic

Starting out young, I've began my first exhibitions at the age of 16. These were all held in Germany, in cities such as Berlin, Leipzig and Hildesheim. One was held in the Federal Ministry of Finance in Berlin.

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Assisted by the funding I've gained through exhibitions and online sales of my work, I was able to spend a school term abroad in Tokyo, Japan, where I've been working on my prequel of my online comic, Insane we Trust, which was later published in Manga Mixx #9, an annual doujinshi anthology by Animexx E.V. My Art has been printed in several Anthologies ever since.

Jenny Jinya Loving Reaper Woman

Later I've studied Communication Design at the BTK Academy. During this time, I've worked with Students from the Games Academy as a freelancer, where I was involved in a couple game projects and some other small ventures.

Jenny Jinya Loving Reaper Girl

These days, while studying, I'm working as a self-employed/freelance artist and am currently illustrating for the publishing company, Project Vielseitig.