Ip Camera Viewer Roku

Ip Camera Viewer Roku
  • Ioan Ghip IP Camera Viewer Pro allows you to view live video from most IP cameras on your TV. It fully supports Motion-JPEG streams, RTSP (jpg encoded), ONVIF, Motion Detection, PTZ for major brands cameras and Basic/Digest Authentication. You can also see multiple cameras - 2, 3 or 4 - in a Split Screen View.
  • I could not locate my Hikvision IP camera using the locate/find button on my Roku ultra. I then tried locating it on our Roku Stick and it located the Onvif cameras on the network. I went back to the ultra and choose the “factory reset” and re-entered all our info and it pulled the cameras up on the first try.

For the 'easy add' feature, open the 'easy add' in the roku application, and while on that view, on your computer browser, open the address shown (just type it in the address bar in your browser). This will open a page with a form for camera information. Fill it up and press save and the new camera will be saved. How to add an IP camera to a Roku TVIn this video, I show how to add a Hikvision IP camera to a TCL Roku TV.👉 Here's the TV model https://amzn.to/3nnmXgv👉.

I'm proud to announce the release of IP Camera Viewer (two versions, Basic and Pro). Get them in the channel store while they are still warm:

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Both versions fully support motion-jpeg stream, PTZ for selected cameras and basic authentication. The Pro version also provides a Screensaver which will show on the screen (bouncing from side to side - aka DVD logo) the stream from one camera and Split Screen View (multiple streams in the same time).
Also, for who is interested, in my tests I was able to connect to IP Cameras with ONVIF and decode RTSP stream. You will see those features in a future update of the applications.Roku ip camera viewer foscam

Ip Camera On Roku

ONVIF will allow the application to find and configure automatically all the cameras on your network.