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Do you want to learn how to draw a human? If so, then with this super simple instruction, you can learn how to draw a human easy and very quick!

Draw an oval slightly wider at the top than bottom. Lightly sketch a vertical line down the center, then draw a. On the middle horizontal line, draw two almond shapes - these are the eyes. On an anatomically correct face, five. Down the center line, draw a nose.

Step 1

Human sketch poses

So, start with the skeleton, depicting the head, chest, and pelvis in the form of simple ovals. Connect them using the line of the spine. The height of the torso together with the neck should be approximately equal to the height of the sum of three heads.

Step 2

Now let’s depict the limbs. This must be done using simple lines. Depict the joints using small circles. Legs should be slightly longer than arms.

Step 3

Two intersecting lines on the head will help us further to depict the face most correctly and symmetrically. Then connect the head to the torso with a cylindrical neck and create a torso by connecting the chest and pelvis.

Step 4

Now let’s depict the arms. Start by sketching the shoulder and elbow joints. Then depict the upper and lower arms. At the same stage, depict the palms, as did the artists of

Human Sketch

Step 5

Now do the same, but with the legs. As before, create knees using balls. Then depict the upper and lower legs. Do not forget to depict the feet.

Step 6

In this stage, we will need the very lines that we depicted in the third stage. Start with the eyes, then portray the nose and mouth. Do not forget to create the eyebrows.

Step 7

Using the U-shaped line, depict the jaw. You can depict this part of the head as artists of did, or give the jaw a different shape. Depict the ears on the sides of the head.

Step 8

Now is the time to depict the hair. You can give the hairstyle a look as in the example depicted by the artists of, or come up with another hairstyle.

Step 9

Now gently trace the neck and shoulders. Next, depict the torso and add some folds to give the human drawing a bit of realism.

Step 10

Now gently trace the arms to create a muscle outline. In the same stage, you can depict the sleeves of the T-shirt. But of course, you can depict a shirt or other clothes.

Step 11

A fairly simple stage in which we will need to depict the hands. To do this, gently draw the fingers as the artists of did in the sketch below this text.

Step 12

Using smooth lines, trace the legs and depict the jeans. Add some creases to the knees area and at the lower part of the jeans. Add pockets and fly.

Step 13

Now let’s portray the shoes. We decided to depict sneakers, but you can replace them with boots or other shoes.

Step 14

Now put the pencil aside and take an eraser to wipe off the auxiliary lines from the human drawing. Now take a darker pencil or ink and trace the artwork to make it more beautiful.

Step 15

Now take your favorite colors and paint the human. You can use the palette provided by the artists of the or use your own colors. To make your artwork look more voluminous, add some shadows.

So, could you learn how to draw a human with this instruction? Write to us about this so that we know your opinion. We read all your comments and respond to many of them.



Sketching human figures is an essential skill for any architect or hobby sketcher in order to make sketched spaces more understandable and relatable.

Here are 3 Reasons Why integrating human figures in architectural sketches is important.

01/ Architecture is for People

Generally speaking, architecture is about creating spaces for people and therefore it makes sense to add people into spaces which are meant for them.

02/ Storytelling

By populating our sketches, we depict more lively environments and we create greater opportunities to express our idea, because people are the key element of storytelling.

Human Sketch Face

03/ Sense of Scale

Finally, and most importantly, human figures add a sense of scale to our sketches. Therefore, we should always refer to a human figure when defining the scale of sketched spaces and surroundings.


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Human Sketches

Happy sketching!

Human Sketch Reference


How To Draw People

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