Horse Head Drawing


How to draw a horse drawing of a horses head in stages

Horse Head Drawing

Welcome to this new drawing lesson. In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a horse head drawing using a simple vector application! Start drawing a horse head with three circles. First sketch the initial contours, as they will be the basis for our drawing a horse head. Using # 2 pencil, draw three circles like so: biggest one on top, smallest one on the bottom, and a medium-sized one in the middle. Please try to replicate my drawing in this step. Apr 21, 2019 - Explore jan Gray's board 'Horse head drawing' on Pinterest. See more ideas about horse drawings, horse art, horse drawing.

to draw a horse, even in stages, you need experience and a good eye. But, if you need to make drawings of horses, this simple lesson will help you understand how to draw a horse head step by step. Importantly, to observe precisely the proportions that the head of the horse was graceful and beautiful. For beginners to learn to draw, suggest to periodically compare your drawing with photo of horse head. If you need paint horse as a whole, you can see the lesson How to draw a horse step by step.

Horse head drawing easy

1. Three circles for the contour of a horse's head

Drawing in stages, it is important to draw a first outline. Their location will depend on the proportion of future image. For future drawing horse head pencil, draw three circles. The top - most, bottom - the smallest and center - average. Try to exactly copy their location from my drawing.

2. The initial shape of the horse head

trace the outline of the muzzle of the horse, not much pressure on the pencil, you may have to improve these contours. And in the big circle draw small circle for the eyes of the horse.

3. The ears, nostrils and neck of the horse

Draw the ears on the top of the head of the horse.
Make the contour of the neck and add the figure's nostrils and draw the lip line. Remove the extra contour line drawing.

4. To control the horse needs a bridle

Every horse has a bridle with which it is controlled. And only in the wild or in a fenced corral horses run without it. First draw a small ring near the edge of the lips and leash protruding from his mouth. In addition, at this stage add the picture of the horse's head some of the details. Draw the mane, Refine the shape of the eyes and nostrils.

5. Draw bridle complete

At this stage, draw all the lore and add details to drawing horses. After that, we can say that picture of horse head almost finished.

6. Apply the figure of the shadow

Below the horse's head was bulky and the picture looked like a real artist, you need a soft pencil on the illustration to add shadow. Colored pencils horse to paint is not necessary, but make the shadow pencil does not hurt.

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Learn to Draw Front View, Side View and a 3/4 View

When I’m drawing a horse I often start with the head. Thislesson will focus on how to draw a horse’s head from any angle. The head is really very simpleto draw when you break it down into easy steps.

Whether you are drawing a side view, front view, ¾ views orany other angle; the same rule applies. Start with two circles. One circle willrepresent the jaw and forehead area. A second circle will represent the muzzle.

These two circles give you a starting point from which towork. They act a wonderful guideline to place other parts of the horse head andthey help to keep everything in proportion.

Horse Head Drawing Tutorial

When you are drawing these two circles keep in mind how bigthey are in relation to one another and how far apart they are. The sizes anddistance between the two circles will be different for different horses.

For example, a foal will have a small forehead and a smallmuzzle. The muzzle and forehead of a pony are going to be closer together thanthat of a thoroughbred horse. A heavy draft horse will have a large muzzlecompared to that of a quarter horse. Of course you don’t have to draw anyparticular breed at all, but it is nice to know how to when you want to.

Drawing a Horse Head- Different Angles

Once you have your first two circles drawn you can draw theface. Notice the very simple lines needed to complete the shape of the faceusing the circles as guides. At a side view the face can be a shown with a strait line formost horses. Dish the line in for an Arabian or make it a roman nose for adraft breed. Have fun with it.


Look closely at the lines needed for a 3/4 view. Part of the brow bone will will come into view. The length of the face will appear shorter and the jaw will be more prominent.

Drawing a Horse Head– The Muzzle

A horse may have a bony face, but they have a very softfleshy muscular muzzle. If you have had the pleasure to watch horses you knowthat they use their upper lip much like an elephant uses their trunk. Horses doall sorts of things with their lips, like letting them and droop down, pinchingthem tight when they are irritated or barring their teeth.

The muzzle is an opportunity to show expression on yourhorse. Wide nostrils show excitement and energy. Pinched nostrils show anger. Arelaxed nostril shows a hose at rest. When visible draw the chin too.

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Drawing a Horse Head– The Ears

Horses talk with their ears! If there is any body part thatwill show expression on your horse, it’s the ears. Ears perked forward showattention to something up ahead. Ears flopping sideways show relaxation. Earspinned flat to the skull show anger.

The ear itself is shaped like a tear drop. It sits atop a‘ball’ that rotates the ear around this way and that, like a set of radars. Theball at the base of the ear is often hidden from view by the mane and forelock(a horse’s bangs)

Play around with different ear positions to see how theychange the expression of your horse. Remember to draw the ear on the far sideof the horse’s head a bit smaller, as it will be farther away, partially hiddenfrom view or not seen at all.

Drawing a Horse Head– The Eyes

Horses have very large round eyes that are placed far apart.Just above each eye, between the eye and the ear they have an indention. Showthis with a small curved line if you wish. Circles or wide almond shapes work well for the eyes.I like to give my horses eyelashes. Play around with different eye shapes andnotice how it changes the expression.

Drawing a Horse Head - Adding Realism

There are several bony parts of a horse’s skull are visiblejust under the skin. The jaw, the sockets above the eyes, the cheek bones andthe long fine nasal passages that run down the horses face. Including thesebones in your drawing will bring realism to your horse drawing.

Horse Head Drawing Outline

You don’t have to actually draw these bones. Just hint atthem with simple lines. You do not even have to do all of them. Depending onthe angle of the head you may only choose to indicate one or two. Do more ifyou feel you want a lot of detail or more realism.

Drawing a Horse Head– The Mane

Your horse would not be complete without a mane. It’s thecrowning glory. Think about how the mane would be if the horse were running,grazing or standing still. Have fun with it. This is yet another chance to giveyour horse character and let your artistic style show through.

I like to draw my manes wild and wind blown, but the softbaby hair of a new foal or the braided mane of a show pony can be just asexciting. Play with it. Try using the flat side of your pencil lead for adifferent effect.

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Horse Head Drawing Side View

Horse Head Drawing Step By Step

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