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Tailor Brands is a free logo maker. You can create your own logo for free and only pay if you love your finished logo design. Our online logo creator helps small business owners, freelancers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs make a logo design that’s both high quality and professional. The online logo maker allows you to generate and customize stand-out gaming logos and esports logos. BrandCrowd logo gives you access to a professional library of thousands or pre-existing customizable template designs making creating your gaming logo inexpensive and straightforward. Gaming Logo Whether you are launching your own gaming company or just need a free gaming logo for an upcoming battle try our logo editor. Our large database of professionally designed logo templates allows you to design a professional design in just a few minutes.

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You can use the gaming logo templates for creating your own logo for your clan, for your profiles on twitch, youtube, facebook, steam or twitter. You can use the logos for your gaming and streaming profiles. Choose from countless common gamer and streamer logos, fortnite logos, world of warcraft logos, league of legends logos, minecraft logos and many more.

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Gaming Logos for Streamers, Gamers, Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram

The number one Gaming Logo Maker offers a huge number of different design templates for you to choose from. Pick a template and customize it until you’re happy with your new awesome gaming logo. If you are a streamer on you Twitch, Youtube or Mixer or even a Gamer the Gaming Logo Maker is the perfect place to create your new outstanding branding!

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Why Do I Need a Gaming Logo Maker?

The Gaming Logo Maker is perfect for anyone looking for a custom gaming logo, esports logo, clan logo and team logo. You can create your own logo with just a few clicks in the Logo Maker. You can choose from a variety of professional gaming logos, customize them and buy them afterwards at a very low price. In short: The Gaming Logo Maker is easy to use, you can choose from professional logos, completely customize it in color and text and is much cheaper than a logo from a regular designer.

How Does a Gaming Logo Maker Work?

Gamers Logo

In the Gaming Logo Maker you will find countless gaming logo templates with different motifs, which we have already professionally illustrated and created for you. On the base of these logos you can create your own logo. The Gaming Logo Maker Editor will open, where you can easily customize the gaming logo template. You can change the style, the colors and the text with just a few clicks and thus create your individual gaming logo for you as a gamer, for your clan or your team.

Can I create a free Gaming Logo?

Unfortunately we do not offer free gaming logos but we have tried to make the price of a gaming logo as low as possible for you. We invest a lot of time and effort in creating professional gaming logos. In order to be able to continue to do this and to keep our passion as logo designers alive, we cannot offer the logos for free. We ask for your understanding and hope that you still decide to use our Gaming Logo Creator for creating your own logo.

Can I use the Gaming Logo for Twitch, Youtube or Mixer?

Glad you asked. You can use the gaming logo you create in the Gaming Logo Maker as a profile picture for all social media sites, streaming platforms and games. You will receive a high-resolution PNG of the logo with a transparent background after ordering. So you can easily put your logo on a background and use it for any profile picture. Of course you can also use the logo in twitch overlays, stream designs, wallpapers, youtube banners etc. It is also suitable for printing on merch.

Custom Gaming Logos

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Our gaming logo designer Andy creates all custom and premade logos for you with passion

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What are you waiting for? A gaming logo maker is the ideal solution for avid gamers who need a quick, easy, low-cost way of designing an awesome logo.
Just click the button below to see how easy it is to design your own logo using a simple online gaming logo maker!

When it comes to designing a gaming logo, maybe you want the design to reflect your online persona, or perhaps resemble a beloved online character from your favorite game. No matter what inspires you, our logo maker is here to take that gaming logo design idea and make it a reality.

Gaming Logo Design Ideas

Gamers logo maker

Are you a member of an eSports team, participate in international gaming competitions, have a Twitch, Steam, or YouTube account or another online account through Xbox Live or PS4? In order for other players to identify you and your team, it’s essential to create a gaming logo. Not only will a well-designed gaming logo help unify your team, but also provide you with a psychological advantage going into the next match as an intimidation factor. Whether you play on your own or with a team, we’re here to help you gather some inspirational gaming logo ideas.

When it comes to making a gaming logo, there are a lot of design elements to consider. Think about some of the most well-known logos in the industry: Blizzard, PS4, Xbox, Minecraft, COD, DOTA, FIFA, and even Fortnite. What do these all have in common? Most of these gaming logos use a combination of text and imagery. Consider bold and decorative custom fonts that would be attractive for your audience (bubble letters may be best for younger kids or pre-tweens, while uppercase block fonts may work better for mature audiences). Think about what colors might best describe your game. Is your game dark or violent? Use dark purples, reds, or grayscales. If your game is lighthearted, think about using light blue, green or yellow.

If you have a few ideas already – great! If not, browse our gaming logo samples below to help you get more inspired.

How to design a gaming logo

Choose a style

Select a few different styles for your gaming logo, such as a text, icon, or badge logo design. Your logo’s style can be adjusted within our logo design app to meet your needs. For instance, add an icon above your text, or add the icon to the left of your text. Feel free to experiment.

Select a font

Believe it or not, the type of font you choose plays an important role when designing your gaming logo. Whether you choose a serif, sans serif, script or decorative-style font – keep in mind this might dictate the type of audience you target (male vs female, younger vs older). Choose from hundreds of fonts from our online logo maker database.

Pick a template

This is the fun part when creating your gaming logo! Our AI-powered logo maker will present you with hundreds of pre-made logo templates from which you can choose from. Choose what type of layout you like best; do you like the gaming icon to the left, right, top or bottom of your name? There’s plenty of options.

Customize your logo

You’ve chosen a style, a font, and a template; now it’s time to customize your new gaming logo. Our logo design software allows you to change the color and size of your logo’s icon, as well as your name and slogan as you see fit. Rotate icons and change the font size or color to make your logo 100% unique.

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