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#value: Optional integer, string, or array representing which option(s) to pre-select when the list is first displayed. The integer or string must match the key of an option in the '#options' list. The integer or string must match the key of an option in the '#options' list. Now access the folder with Drupal update files and select all files except modules, profiles, sites, and themes. Then, upload them. After the uploading process is completed, visit the Available Updates section once again to check whether the core version has updated.

In Drupal 8, the usage of database operations such as select, update and delete are slightly changed from Drupal 7. The db_query() is deprecated in Drupal 8. To fetch a field we can use :

Now we can checkout the select, update, and delete operations in Drupal 8. For a field selection use,

Drupal 8 Webform Select2

For a single field selection we can use $last_paper_id = $last_paper->fetchField();

For update query execution in Drupal 8, we can use,

For content deletion,


Now checkout other database statements in Drupal 8 from this link!

Drupal Select Options

Drupal Select2

Drupal Select2 Not Working


Select2 Drupal Install

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