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API-first, or “decoupled”, architecture is quickly becoming the most popular way to create world class digital experiences. The pattern gives developers the flexibility to rapidly innovate, while ensuring future-proof builds that don’t require re-creating the entire CMS for new features. API-first architectures started to become mainstream with the publication ofNPR’s Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) series of articles. Many other organizationsincluding Netflixhave seen great benefits from a decoupled approach.


Node: Fully loaded node, if there is an automatically-loaded node associated with the page and the node ID is the second argument in the page's path (e.g. Node/12345 and node/12345/revisions, but not comment/reply/12345). I have a need to remove all nodes of the same type in Drupal 8 (there are over 7k of nodes). It wouldn't be a problem for Drupal 7 (DB query + nodedelete or nodedeletemultiple would have solved.

Sound good? React, a library for creating beautiful user experiences, and Drupal, an API-first content management system, make a great match. Experiences that users love, created using declarative, component based, and flexible JavaScript that front-end developers love to write. And a powerful, API-first CMS with endless flexibility to define robust content workflows and create joyful editorial experiences that allows your back-end developers to focus on improving your business and not reinventing the wheel.

Drupal Node

Drupal 8 Node Load

We come across a lot of great articles on creating breakthrough experiences with React and Drupal. This page is a continuously updated list of our favorite articles that help explain how to get started with both, and then how to combine their powers to create something truly amazing. Have fun!