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A fashion sketch of the most important dress the bride will ever wear. We have created over 3,000 sketches from different dress designers, from all over the world. We love the glitz and glam so much that we have created some sketches to showcase what is on the runway and what celebrities have worn. For this reason, fashion designers who are new in the designing world need to do a lot of research to gain experience about designing. Studying and analyzing fashion design sketches helps them a lot to get new ideas and make new fashion design sketches and designs.They come equipped with measurement tools, patterns and flat drawings, information on stitching and knitting, color and printing and almost anything else a pioneer of fashion designing may find useful.

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Dress Sketch Template

To Preview Your Custom Designed Dress

Sketch plays an important role in dress design. When you come to us with combination of different dresses, or express your dream dress in your language, there might be some questions and indetermination in your mind - 'If my designer totally understood me?' 'Will the dress look nice?' A sketch will help you to have visual exploration before making the dress.

The whole dress is made of sheer soft tulle without lining to create an illusion look.

Modification 1

Flutter sleeves and V neckline as the picture, but remove the lace and pleats.

(We could alter neckline, sleeves, waistline, etc. according to your own preferences.)

Dress Sketches

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Modification 2

Dress Sketch

Dress Sketch Template

Silhouette and train length as the picture

Dress Sketch Ideas

(You could have free transform on dress silhouette and train length. There is always a way to meet up your demands.)

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The finished sketch shows your dress design vividly.

Dress Sketch Design

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Dress Sketch Indian Dress Shaadi

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