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Dashlane’s web app gives you a simpler, safer way to live your online life, available within a lightweight browser extension in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Chromium-based browsers such as Opera and Brave. Instantly autofill login credentials and forms,. Live a safer, simpler life online with Dashlane: Store and fill in all your passwords, personal information, and payments.

The internet has become an essential tool for us all. We use it for everything: to see what our friends are doing on holidays, watch funny videos, shop and bank online – just to name a few. Could you imagine what would happen if anyone had access to that information? Creating strong and unique passwords for each account is an essential first step to keep cyber criminals at bay. However, remembering so many complex keys is impossible for the human brain. Luckily, there are companies like NordPass and Dashlane to help. They’re both great password managers that will safely store your sensitive information, but which one does it better?

Looking for the perfect password management software? Keeper's secure password management solution offers plans for both personal and families of all sizes. Compare our password manager pricing plans and choose the right fit for you. When comparing Dashlane vs RoboForm, the Slant community recommends RoboForm for most people.In the question“What is the best cross-platform password manager?”RoboForm is ranked 8th while Dashlane is ranked 9th. Dashlane, meanwhile. For example, it doesn’t officially support Opera — although its app is still claimed to be functional within Opera — and its support in Internet Explorer doesn’t extend to enabling a fully functional web app, web account creation and administrator’s console for business accounts.

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You know that a product is going to be secure when it was developed by the company behind one of the most popular VPNs on the market – NordVPN. Like its older brother, NordPass provides end-to-end encryption and has a zero-knowledge architecture, which means that not even the password manager itself has access to your information.

While NordPass can be seen as a little bit basic, it's also extremely straightforward to use. It supports three types of data entry – account credentials, credit card details, and secure notes – and comes with a password generator that creates keys containing up to 60 characters. The small negative side of NordPass is that it isn't available for Safari, which might be a deal breaker for macOS users since the desktop app and browser extension work so closely together.

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The best thing about NordPass is its free plan. Not only does the company offer all of its features at no cost, but it also goes one step further than its competition by providing full synchronization between all your devices. However, to have NordPass active on up to six devices, share data entries with others, and design an emergency contact list, a premium account is necessary. Prices start at $2.49 per month, and there's both a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee in place.

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While Dashlane limits free accounts heavily – users can only store up to 50 data entries on one device – its paid plan provides one of the most comprehensive password managers on the market. The software supports so many types of data entries that you’ll see yourself using it to securely save all your online as well as offline personal information. Dashlane comes with a built-in password generator that creates keys with up to 40 characters and there’s also a password health score, which warns about weak, reused, and compromised accounts.

Detailed Password Information

All information stored in Dashlane’s vault is encrypted end to end. Since Dashlane doesn’t store your master password neither on the company’s servers nor locally, nobody can access your data – not even Dashlane itself. Furthermore, to ensure your logins remain protected at all times the software can be set up to change passwords automatically. This way, you’ll be able to change keys in a timely fashion without having to worry about it. Prices start at $3.33 with yearly installments, and there’s a 30-day free trial to test all paid features.


NordPass and Dashlane are both reliable password managers. However, they clearly do business differently and, depending on your needs, only one will be best suited for you. If you’re looking for a simple password manager, the NordPass free account is more than enough for personal use. Not only does it offer the ability to store unlimited data entries, it also syncs throughout all your devices at zero cost. That being said, Dashlane is still worth your money if you’re looking for a more complete password manager. On top of what NordPass already offers, Dashlane scans the dark web to see if any of your data has been breached, auto-changes your passwords, and comes with a built-in VPN for Wi-Fi protection.

Best Password Managers of 2021

Editor's Choice 2021
  • Fantastic security
  • Flexible platform
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy-to-use
  • Simple, straightforward
  • Flawless data import
  • Built-in VPN
  • Advanced iOS/Android app

  • Simple and straightforward client
  • Categorization of stored credentials
  • Biometric authentication
  • Versatile customer service

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