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House Baby Girl Crying; There is a girl on the drawing; chanduv23. I am a Canadian citizen, from my experience Canada government does respect more. Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the drawing, 'Crying Girl,' by Stephen Olsen, sold and originally listed for $560 USD. Original Drawing: Charcoal, Conte on N/A. Size is 25.6 H x 15.7 W x 2 in. Download 10,969 Crying Girl Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 161,281,517 stock photos online. Crying Girl Pencil Sketch Pencil Sketch Of A Girl Crying The Bri CodeArt Crying Girl's. Crying Girl Pencil Sketch Crying Pencil Sketches Sketches Of A Crying Girl Pencil Sketch Of. Crying Girl Pencil Sketch Sketches Of A Crying Girl - Drawing Sketch Library.

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  • 10-04 02:39 PM
    Well.. may be because we don't have any legislative issues to talk about until congress comes back from recess in November. By the way, how do you know that this practice might be ending soon. I know DOL was considering this and was receiving inputs back in April but nothing came out of that. They have thought about this before and they are thinking about it again. DOL knows that this system is being misused to the fullest extent and want to put a stop to it but they never do due to the pressure from companies misusing them. Why do you think DOL will act now? I have my doubts that anything will be done.
    I have seen at least three thread in the past that discussed labor sub bashing. So you guys made your point, it is an evil practice and it screws those standing behind. We already know that this practice might be ended soon. So why are we discussing this issue for the fourth time all over again? :rolleyes:

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  • 01-27 01:00 PM
    You are right.
    Cases Not Allowed for I-140 Premium Processing -
    1. EB1 (Extraordinary Ability and Multinational Executive or Transferee)
    2. EB2 (National Interest Waiver)

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  • 04-29 09:23 AM
    04/29/2007: Elimination of Substitution of Aliens for the Certified Labor Certification Applications
    As we stated earlier, the OMB had 90 days to make a decision on this DOL Final Rule. It was submitted on 01/26/2007 and the OMB cleared on 04/27/2007, just immediately prior to expiration of 90 days.
    This final rule will not go into effect until it is published by the DOL in the federal register. Record reflects that this final rule will not be published in the federal register, Monday, 04/30/2007. We have yet to see what changes to the proposed version of the rule the DOL made in the final rule. However, it is certain that this rule will not go into effect on Monday, 04/30/2007, and there may still be some actions the employers can make before it is published in the federal register.
    Pending Labor Certification Cases: PERM rule does not allow any amendments and no substitution of alien beneficiary available until the PERM application is certified. By the time PERM is approved, it may be too late to initiate the substitution. However, the cases which are pending at the BECs are different. The beneficiaries can be substituted inasmuch as the job order and the BEC supervised recruitment has yet to be initiated. At this time, the amendment of the BEC application does not require a paper request and e-mail or even phone call request followed by fax will work to substitute the alien. Under the final rule which will go into effect soon, the labor certification applications at the stage of DOL can survive only if the substitution has been approved at the time of release of the final rule. Accordingly, the employers can contact the BECs tomorrow, Monday, to amend the pending ETA 705 and alien beneficiary over the phone, via e-mail, followed by the phone calls and fax or straightforwardedly via fax. CAVEAT: If substitution is denied and original beneficiary ETA 750 is denied for the reason that there is no beneficiary, the employer can lose everything!!
    Certified Labor Certification Cases: These cases will not be able to survive unless the I-140 petition is quickly filed on Monday substituting the alien beneficiary. The earliest filing date will be 'Tuesday' since overnight delivery has to reach the Service Centers. Still worth trying. Once it is 'filed,' it will be safe. There remain a host of issues which will have to be resolved by the USCIS as to the consequences of the denial of these substitution I-140 petitions on issues other than alien beneficiaries qualifications such as the employer's financial ability to pay the proffered wage, etc. Obviously, the denial becomes a 'final' action, the cases on appeal to the AAO will continue to remain outside the parameter of the elimination rule. Another question is the effect of motion to reopen of denial of substitution I-140 petitions. There is some chance that the USCIS may decide that once the motion is granted and I-140 petition is approved, the DOL's final rule of elimination of substitution will not affect the case. What if the employer refiles the substitution I-140 petitions? The chances of these cases will remail slim or nil. Since it will be considred a 'new' filing of substitution I-140 petition, the USCIS may rule that such filing will be subject to the DOL's substitution elimination final rule. There will be other issues which fall under the jurisdiction of the USCIS rather than DOL as related to the interpretation of the substitution I-140 petitions. The USCIS is scheduled to initiate this rule making process sooner or later. Please stay tuned.
    Impact on the Retention of Priority Date: The rule of retention of priority date is governed not by the DOL but by the USCIS. Under the USCIS rule, the priority date of the labor certification application is not retained until I-140 petition is 'approved.' Accordingly, if the decision of the denial of the substitution I-140 becomes final on appeal, the substituting alien will not be able to retain the priority. Neither the original beneficiary can retain the priority date unless the alien beneficiary substition I-140 petition was filed after the I-140 had been approved for the original beneficiary.
    Impact on the 7th-Year H-1B Extension: Until the substitution I-140 is denied and becomes final on appeal, the substitutiing alien will be able to continuously extend the H-1B status in one-year increment, but the substituted alien will not be able to extend the 7th-year H-1B status based on the substituted labor certification application. Once the decision of denial becomes final, the substituting alien will not be able to extend the H-1B status after that time, but the validity of the approved 7th-year H-1B status will remain valid until the expiration date.
    Impact on the 245(i) Benefits: Grandfathering of the 245(i) benefits cannot be transferred to other aliens and substituting aliens cannot take over the 245(i) benefits unless the substitution was filed before April 30, 2001. Once the grandfathering is attached, it remains valid unless 'not approveable at the time of labor certification application filing' is found. Accordingly, the denial of substitution I-140 petition on behalf of the substituting alien will have no affect on the original beneficiary's retention of the 245(i) benefits.
    Well, let's wait and see the text of the soon-to-be published final rule.

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  • 03-27 11:47 AM
    Boss, remove Atalji. He is on bed for last 8 months. So no chance for him.
    Sonia Gandhi is out of question as people will not accept her.
    Rahul is a baccha ( KID ) in front of all those stalwarts ( old and experience wolves ).
    Contest should be only between MMS and Advani.
    Though i would have loved to see Modi on PM HOT seat.

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  • 12-13 12:04 PM
    --I think, per country quota system was framed with diversification as underlying principle, not discrimination.
    Depending on which country you are from, it may seem like discrimination or fair system upholding diversity.
    If you are from India, you would hate it. There are truckloads of programmers in that country. But if you are the only graduate with programming skills from a country like timbaktoo (?), you would love it. You also got a shot at american dream.
    This EB quota system reminds me of Caste reservation system in India. To some that is fair, to others, it is unfair. Depends on which side of the fence you are.
    Fairness or not is not the issue. Question is can it be challenged in a court? Diversity at work place is encouraged through outreach for example. But you cannot discriminate in employment based on national origin. Employers can't put quotas for employee diversity. Employment based immigration I don't think can count because part of the requirement for holding the job is that the employee have a valid work authorization.
    For example, someones H1b 6yrs runs out the without possibility of extension, you cannot cry discrimination from the employer for not hiring you beyond 6yrs. As I said, the employers don't force you to not change job or job title. People don't because they will lose their GC or spot in the GC queue.
    As an unrelated side note, the current quota system is something that has evolved from past policies some of which was used to restrict citizens of certain countries.

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  • 01-14 03:03 PM
    I was tweeting with an attorney from boston. She says that the memo does not do any good for a H1B resource working at a third party site though employed under a desi consulting company. :(

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  • 02-13 01:53 PM
    If you see the entire post, you will see that the agenda is
    1) Increasing GC numbers
    2) Recapturing numbers and instituting permanent Rollover mechanisms
    3) Eliminate country quotas
    Part 1 and 2 would help everyone from around the world. While 3 would benefit citizens of a few countries more than others, all it is saying is STOP discriminating in employment based green cards on basis of country of origin. You are not BORN with skills and neither does being born in country A make you more SKILLED than being born in country B.
    If you want to see 3 as being the reason to not participate, that you are implicitly condoning discrimination against people born in certain country even though you will benefit equally from 1 and 2.
    Are you suggesting that IV's efforts would increase the wait times for ROW?
    What incentive does ROW have to work with IV then?
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  • 05-11 07:03 PM
    Remember, you are doing this to potentially ditch India and to change your nationality and are going to take oath
    Wrong! Stop assuming dude. People are here because they need the Green Card. We don't take an oath to renounce loyalties when we get it. Of course your intention is clear and I am thankful that we Indians don't need to count on you. Of course, its interesting that you are quite happy being a US Citizen when it's the US which has called the LTTE a terrorist organization. Hmm, I hope you did your research. Anyway, too late. We don't need you anymore in India and like I said earlier, good riddance. All the best!

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  • 09-04 11:02 AM
    YSR is far better than Chandrababu Naidu(Iron Leg) and Balakrishna

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  • 01-15 02:45 PM
    Difference between Job shops and reputed Companies
    Indian body shoppers employ a H1b Persons and many of them are in hourly. No project then no pay. Also because of H1b and GC employer has complete control over the employees about pay and other benefits. No pay in bench is violation of law and both employee and employer are willingly accept that. Because of that employer and employee does not have any risk and employer always make huge profits without exposure of any risk. Employee also does not have any risk of losing GC process. So our body shoppers are attractive destination for GC aspirants.
    The companies which follow rules are forced to pay bench or lay off. So both employee and employer are risk of survival. Companies may be under risk of heavy loss when there are too many people are in bench. That means companies which follow rules and regulations are making loss in tough times at the same time Body shops always make money and worst case scenario no loss no gain. Also GC process is uncertain for those who are working in good companies
    This inequality was known by everyone including USCIS. So they are coming up with regulations. Some good apples will also be impacted when there is a rule is formed. There is no surprise of opposition as many Indians fear that it may impact them
    Very Well said, many good apples will be impacted along with their families virtually thrown under the bus/bulldozer.

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  • 08-16 01:55 AM
    Can you point to a single post praising the immigration system.
    He is confused immigration with security system

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  • 06-08 11:08 AM
    employment based is just one part of the immigration thing. If you think EB immigration is important - there will be thousands of opinions from people who will say why other immigration is also important.
    Actually as per government's official point of view, EB comes on second priority than FB. Family union always comes on first priority.

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  • 07-10 08:47 PM
    I am a Canadian citizen, from my experience Canada government does respect more for immigrants, health system is much better, and more elites moved there for higher quality of living standards.
    There are also lots of good companies in Canada, where I have gained GOOD experiences.
    For professionals like us, at least Canadian government treat us with dignity and as a human being, not like some illegal labour worker lurking in US, we are all LEGAL and proved no local candidates for these jobs. I have been exploited by my company for almost 4 years, current salary is 10K less then standard, even though I have 14 years of working experiences, when it comes to promotion, my boss prefer a fresh graduates and want me to teach him so he can get promoted on top of me.
    USICS Recent unconscionable retrogression really top off all previous deeds. We are educated high professionals, it is understable if immigrants are not welcome, but can they do it in a professional way? If so, why not just stop accepting immigration applications? why still accepting our money and leave us in this limbo situation? And creating all the excuses AFTER taking our money?
    We are dealing with the government department which suppose to be all professionals and educated people. And this is not some third world countries which law is not a concern, or anybody can be bribed to do anything they want to the public.
    Feeling numb should be the best way to deal with all these madness, and fellow professionals I keep praying for us and remember dont let it gets to you emotionally, there will always be a way and everything happens for a reason.
    God is watching, He knows and will be the judge and bless all of us.
    The thing is - people are crazy about USA, no matter what - so if you leave someone else will come - thats the attitude here. Exploitation to the core. The way America was built is by slavery. America became such a great country only because of slavery. There were moments in past where people revolted and found liberty - and we are all on that path. Look at the Black civil rights moment etc.

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  • 06-12 10:30 PM
    Crying Girl Sketch
    Exactly what I had tried to express, you have succinctly put them in numbers. Thank you
    Both of you are missing the point. No matter how you spin it, 140,000 people getting GC per is better than reduced quota of say 80,000.
    Have you asked yourselves how you would fare if H1B program did not exist. I am not saying that you will not get GC without h1b and EB programs, sure you could go the uggly way, getting married to the fat lady in your apartment building for example.
    To sum it up I would take long wait compared to no program or a nobel-prizes only program, any day of the week.

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  • ou-girl-crying

  • 05-11 05:35 PM
    Hmmm... Not sure what you mean about my opinion and mindset. I was only responding to your 'accusation' of SL government destroying 'competitiveness' by providing some facts openly known to almost all Sri Lankans but not in the outside world. Those facts also give you an insight in to the root cause of the problem. You are free to form any opinions about me. Just remember that there are two sides to each story. Look at both sides before you make a judgement.
    As for your wish wanting to see Sinhalese and Tamils living as equals in a peaceful sri lanka, we all share that sentiment with you and Thank you for that. Hopefully that day is not too far.
    Panini, Since i know the history better i was making those comments, My opinions are not based on the articles or something which i read recently.
    Do you dispute this link, do you think even this is Pro LTTE.
    Tell me is any of this root causes identified in this wikipedia entry is going to be GONE after this war against Terror. I don't think SO.
    Now tell me how the problem will be solved if these root causes are not resolved.

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  • 01-18 08:49 PM
    Still Desi companies are not following Labor laws.
    I know a company in OHIO still exploiting H1Bs......but payroll being generated....
    Hmmmmmm......USCIS this is not enough.
    If you know a company report it to USCIS directly or post the details here, we will report them to USCIS. By posting this kind of annonymous, baseless complaints in forums, you are making genuine H1s look like bad.
    Everywhere there are bad elements. History showed that there were corrupt senators/congress man. So do we have to penalize every senator and congressman? Should we shut the doors of the legislative assemblies and stop the elections?
    People choose to work for consulting company, because no law said it is illegal. People choose to work in consulting, because we can meet different people and learn different verticals. And in IT, consulting is the main business model. Even if the application is developed in-house, the department that uses the software is called internal customer. If we can work for internal customer legally, whats wrong in working for external customer.
    No business can evolve without customers. If IT consulting has grown up to this level, that means businesses welcomed consulting.

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  • 02-12 03:38 PM
    I wish your hopes comes true. However, one thing you should remember. There are many guys with PD before 2005 got stuck due to name check, particularly in ROW catagory. This big jump in PD for ROW and new name check clearance rule, will makes tons of 485s become eligible for approval in March.
    As they mentioned in their comment, they may freeze the PD for ROW in APril or move back to 2004, depending on how many EB3-ROW gets GC in March.
    I see the comment where USCIS said date movement can slow down or stop, but didn't say anything about going back to an earlier cutoff date. Of course, I am pretty sure that State dept didn't take into consideration the new Name Check rule. So as we have seen before, anything is possible :)

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  • 02-12 03:38 PM
    I wish your hopes comes true. However, one thing you should remember. There are many guys with PD before 2005 got stuck due to name check, particularly in ROW catagory. This big jump in PD for ROW and new name check clearance rule, will makes tons of 485s become eligible for approval in March.
    As they mentioned in their comment, they may freeze the PD for ROW in APril or move back to 2004, depending on how many EB3-ROW gets GC in March.
    I see the comment where USCIS said date movement can slow down or stop, but didn't say anything about going back to an earlier cutoff date. Of course, I am pretty sure that State dept didn't take into consideration the new Name Check rule. So as we have seen before, anything is possible :)
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  • 08-16 10:14 AM
    What's the big deal about Shahrukh Khan getting interrogated? One of the top Malayali actors Mammooty had to go through the same experience because of his Muslim name, but he didn't make a big deal about it. Security procedures need to be followed, whether you are Shahrukh Khan or anyone else.

    07-14 06:49 AM
    Thank You Samay !!
    I was in US from 2000 to 2001 on h1b.(first h1 approval)
    Went to india and worked there from 2001 to 2006
    On new H1 came to US on 2006
    I didnt had the H1b approval copy of first h1 approval(2000 -2001) when I applied for 140. I submitted
    only the current one which is from 2006. My 140 is not yet approved.
    So I would like to make sure whether h1b approval notice copy during 2000 to 2001 was needed/
    will be needed in future.I had submitted 140 during July 07.
    Is it needed for any 140 RFE or 485 level ?
    Good Day !
    Originally Posted by rajeshalex
    Could you tell at 140 level does a candidate needs to submit all the previous
    H1 Approval notices.
    I couldnt submit my previous 140 approval notice since it was during 2000-2001. How important is the previous H1 B approval notices for a 140 approval ? . I submitted the current approval notice which is from 2006-2009
    We normally submit all the previous H-1B approvals with the I-140 application. I am a bit confused from your post is there a gap in your H-1 B approvals.
    Was your earlier H-1Bapproval mentioned at all in the I-140. If not I would not worry about it. Relax.

    08-24 11:48 PM
    Dear Immigration Attorney,
    Can I out of US with old AP and returned with new (renewed) AP?

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