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  • School going girl - Pencil Drawing Used things 1. Pencil Name: DOMS ( ZOOM ULTIMATE DARK ) 2. Blending Stump (You can use Paint brush / Tissue pape.
  • An essential part of the creative process. Pencil is a very versatile artistic medium. From quick caricatures in a sketchbook to polished landscape drawings, pencil has the potential to bring all kinds of creative ideas to life. “I use a regular HB or No. 2 pencil to sketch things out roughly.
  • Sketching in graphite is a great way to kick off or restart your creative drive. Here we’ve sourced a selection of inspiring pencil drawings that demonstrate the wonderful (and sometimes wacky) art you can produce with a pencil. These pencil drawings span from photorealism to completely abstract.

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The picture I drew today is an abstract picture. Here you can see the shape of a human face. His thoughts, thoughts are manifesting in his eyes. This man is really deep in thought. Take a good look at this picture, his eyes are drawn in such a way that, if you look at the eyes, but soon after looking better, you will see a man lying down. Some think this is my content. Drawing this image in my own mind. I used a pencil and used it at the end of the acrylic paint. Hope you like it, if you like, don’t forget to share and subscribe, thank you.

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Creative pencil sketch

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