Clion Profiling


CLion plugin repository contains over 1200 plugins that you can install to enrich the out-of-the-box CLion functionality. Some of those plugins are already bundled in CLion, and no prior action is required to start using them. However, there are other helpful and qualitative plugins that can improve or even transform your workflow in CLion. This article gives a selection of such valuable plugins.

Please note that the 3rd party plugins are not officially tested or supported by the CLion team, so we cannot guarantee their stability. Selection criteria for this compilation were: download statistics, rating, maintenance status, and user feedback.

The plugins are grouped by the tasks they target, each described in the corresponding chapter:

Learn the IDE

CLion HelpBundles the entire CLion web help for offline use.
Keymap exporterPrints the PDF version of the CLion keymap.
Key Promoter X

Shows keystroke equivalents to mouse presses:

Get comfortable with the UI

Main Menu TogglerSwitches visibility of the main menu on and off by a single action or a shortcut.
Frame SwitcherLets you switch between projects, windows, and frames, alternatively to Alt+Tab and the View menu. The switcher works even with multiple IDE instances, and lets you assign shortcuts to various actions, customizing or expanding the pre-defined shortcut set.
Active Tab HighlighterHighlights the currently active tab. The highlighting color is easily configurable, which is especially useful for the Darcula scheme.
Focus on Active TaskFilters the project tree to show only the currently opened and related paths and files.

As an example, here is how your CLion screen on macOS with Darcula scheme would look like with the filtered project tree, highlighted active tab, and the invoked frame switcher:

It looks like there are a couple features that are only available in CLion, being profiling and valgrind. Rust-analyzer 8 days ago. I remember that Rust used to be only supported in CLion. Debugging Rust used to be only supported in CLion. CPU profiling now works on Apple Silicon (M1 chip). In this release we’ve introduced Code Coverage for remote toolchains, and we’ve improved coverage information collection performance for such cases. The problem causing the Clangd language engine to crash when. You can use Callgrind to create profiling output. It is part of Valgrind. Callgrind-output could be used with KCacheGrind, which is probably worth a look as long as you're using Linux. Conan CLion Plugin. Conan CLion plugin adds Conan support to Jetbrains CLion. CLion version 2018.1 and above. Conan executable in path environment variable. Using the Plugin Matching Profiles. Before running the build for the first time, please match a Conan profile to each CMake profile. To do this click on the Match profiles icon.

Tune the code editor

CMake Quickdocs

Makes the Quick Documentation pop-up available in CMakeLists.txt files.

CMake HighlighterProvides syntax highlighting and navigation for CMakeLists.txt files.

The screenshot below illustrates how these two plugins work in pair (notice the pop-up with the name of the action invoked, shown by the Presentation Assistant plugin):

SwaggerHelps in editing Swagger specifications.
OpenAPI SpecificationsProvides IDE support for Swagger and OpenAPI specification files. See OpenAPI for more information.
OpenAPI GeneratorGenerates client, server, and documentation code out of OpenAPI specifications.
String ManipulationProvides an assortment of actions for working with any kind of text: C/C++ code or comments, any ASCII symbols, JavaScript, SQL, XML, or text in other languages.
String RealignerAdds three string reformat actions: join, split, and wrap/unwrap strings.
ShifterDetects a selection, line, or keyword at caret and moves it up or down with a single keystroke.
IdeaVimProvides Vim emulation with features like motion keys, marks, registers, and visual mode commands.
Emacs+ PatchedAdds two Emacs keymaps: Emacs+ and Mac Emacs+.

Clion Profiling Windows

VS Code KeymapAdds the default VS Code keymap.
TranslationIncorporates multiple language engines and supports text-to-speech.
hunspellProvides spell checking based on Hunspell dictionaries.
EditorConfigHelps maintain common code style across teams and IDEs: it enables the CLion editor to read the EditorConfig file format and adhere to defined styles.

Eclipse Dark, Tempo-theme, Google Developer Tibau, IdeaLight, Nord, ChroMATERIAL, Material Theme, Rainglow Schemes Collections.

Integrate more frameworks and build systems

Conan CLion plugin

Lets you create and upload cross-compilation Conan packages in the lines of your CMake workflow:

Take a look at the Getting Started blog post and our webinar to learn more on working with Conan in CLion.

Docker Integration

Enables you to download and build images, create and start containers, and manage other Docker tasks.

See Docker Integration for detail.

Clion Profiling System

UE4 SDK Support

Adds extra completion options for reflection specifiers in Unreal Engine 4 code that CLion does not provide by default.

Note that starting v4.20, Unreal Engine can generate a CMake structure out of your UE code and open it as a project in CLion.

BazelLets you import a Bazel BUILD file (with its own language supported in CLion) and run Bazel configurations.

Add languages and file types support

IntelliJ RustEnables you to create and develop Rust applications and debug them using the Cargo build system. See the dedicated article for a thorough description of Rust support in CLion.
Swift SupportProvides the Swift language and Swift Package Manager support, letting you use CLion as a fully-functional Swift IDE. Learn more.
Protobuf SupportHelps you work with Google’s Protocol buffers (the *.proto files).
BashSupportProvides bash command language support.
PowerShellAdds PowerShell intellisense and scripts execution.

Fortran (see this article for the Fortran support details), Lua, Dart, Mathematica, LaTex, Gherkin.

Facilitate Debugging

Compiler Explorer pluginLets you work with Compiler Explorer right from CLion: you can view compilation results got from various remote compilers and easily switch between them. The plugin shows the list of sources taken from your project tree and provides a way to pass compiler flags and set additional options to tune the disassembly layout for your needs.
Grep ConsoleHelps in analyzing logs and parsing console output. Grepping means searching for plain-text lines that contain a match to some regular expression. The plugin enables you to grep the application output, highlight and filter the results, and even change the output or execute an action upon a match:

Integrates the Undo ’s record, rewind and replay technology for Linux C/C++ applications in CLion.

With Undo, you can record the program’s execution down to single instruction for further replay and analysis. This way, the debugger gets reversible: you can step forwards and backwards in your code and see exactly what is happening, leading up to easier bug capturing. Take a look at this blog post to find out more on using Undo in CLion.

Run Configuration as ActionLets you register Run/Debug configurations as actions in CLion, and call them via shortcuts or additional toolbar buttons.

Get profiling data

CLion integrates the CPU Profiler available on macOS and Linux. It collects performance metrics for your application and visualizes them in ready-to-analyze flame graphs and call trees. However, if you need to explore the overall application behavior or report a performance issue, consider the plugins described below: they inform you about the CPU usage level and lets you generate thread dumps.

CPU Usage IndicatorAdds the CPU load indicator to the status bar, lets you get a thread dump and configure the settings of the Performance Watcher (which is the CLion’s frozen UI thread dumper):
Performance TestingIntroduces Help Diagnostics menu with options to get the performance summary about your hardware and capture CPU snapshots for indexing and test scripts execution:

Gather statistics

StatisticsCollects the overall project-level statistics: project files with line counts, sorted by extension and size.
Code::StatsTracks the changes you make in project files and detects the syntax of the language you use. The results are presented in infographics of your XPs (Experience Points, roughly the amount of keystrokes) for different languages.
Completion Stats CollectorSends the anonymized data of your code completion patterns to JetBrains developers. It helps the team implement machine learning algorithms and therefore improve completion efficiency.

Expand the scope of VCS-related actions

GitFlowIntegrates the UI for the Git Flow branching model.
GitScopeHighlights the changed code, analogically to the git diff command.
GitToolBoxEnriches the default Git integration with features like Git status display, Auto fetch, Behind tracker, and others.
Find Pull RequestFinds GitHub pull requests for the selected line.
Git Commit Template and Git Commit Message PluginProvide templates for Git commit messages.
GitLabAdds the GitLab -specific Checkout support and the dialogs of GitLab Share, Merge Request, and Merge Request List.
GitLinkOpens files and commits to storages like GitHub or Stash in default browser via a single shortcut.
SVNToolBoxEnhances the built-in SVN support: adds the Status Bar component, enriches the Project View, and provides more Subversion context menu actions.
Visual SorceSafe IntegrationAdds Visual SourceSafe settings and commands.
Pre Commit HookRuns a custom pre-created script before any commit to ‘hook’ the changes.

Automate builds, track issues, and review code

TeamCity pluginIntegrates the JetBrains’ TeamCity, a continuous integration server. This plugin lets you configure notifications, run builds and tests, view changes, assign investigations, and perform other TeamCity actions without leaving the IDE.
Visual Studio Team ServicesEnables you to work with Git and TFVC repositories on Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) or Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015+.
WrikeLinks your commits with the corresponding Wrike tasks.
YouTrack IntegrationExtends the bundled Task Management functionality to provide deeper integration with JetBrains' YouTrack bug tracker.
Yandex.Tracker IntegrationIntegrates Yandex.Tracker.
MantisLets you create, edit, and delete issues from the Mantis bug tracker.
UpSource pluginIntegrates the LetBrains' UpSource.
Gerrit Code ReviewIntegrates the Gerrit Code Review tool.
IDETalkHelps in code-related communications between developers by providing functions like inside-the-IDE message exchange, getting and sending stack traces and ‘code pointers’ to your partner, view the partner’s opened files and differences between your files and theirs.
Floobits pluginProvides collaborative real-time development across multiple editors and IDEs for team members with Floobits accounts.

Stay creative and productive

Last but not least, CLion plugin repository contains a collection of time management plugins, as well as other tools to increase your productivity. Find a few notable examples below.

Time management pluginDescription
Darkyen’s Time TrackerImplements simple time management technique of tracking the time you actually spend on a project: it adds a tracking bar widget that you manually start for counting.
Pomodoro-tmHelps you manage the time spent on a task using Pomodoro Technique.
Git Time MetricTracks the time of reading and working on the code that you store in a Git repository.
WakaTimePerforms time tracking and collects the language, OS, branch/commit, and other statistics of your work session.

Also, if you like mind mapping to visually structure your ideas, the IDEA Mind Map plugin will let you create and edit mind maps in MMD format right in CLion. With stackoverflow, you can search a line of code or comment in StackOverflow just by a right click.

And just for fun, try the Nyan Progress Bar to brighten the status bar when waiting for some of the time-consuming CLion actions to finish, or enjoy emojis in commits with the Emoji for Git Commits plugin.

New Features

  • #6992 Provide initial experimental support for custom deriveprocedural macros. Now the plugin can expand such procedural macro calls and take into account expanded impl itemsin type inference and name resolution (other types of items are ignored for now).
    Note, it’s only an initial implementation,so it may work in an unexpected way in some cases. The feature is disabled by default for now. To turn it on, youshould enable Use experimental name resolution engine option in Preferences Languages & Frameworks Rustsettings and enable and org.rust.macros.procexperimental features.Don’t forget to reload a project structure after enabling the corresponding features via Refresh Cargo Projectsaction on Cargo tool window. See tracking issue formore details and the current status of procedural macros support

  • #7093 Now the plugin takes Cargo config into account during evaluation of cfg conditions.Note, it works since Rust 1.52.0 (currently in beta)

  • Introduce new intention actions:

    • #6845, #7115Enable/Disable feature state to toggles feature state from a cfg attribute (by @Kobzol)

      By the way, we have a blog post about cargo features support

    • #7071Share in Playground to share a selected Rust code on Rust Playground

      Previously, this feature was only available as Rust Share in Playground action in Tools and context menus

    • #6960Expand dependency specification for Cargo.toml

    • #6837Create struct to create a struct from an unresolved struct literal (by @Kobzol)

  • #5650 Now Use destructuring declaration intention action replaces usages of destructured variable (by @Kobzol)

  • #6986 Allow specifying the function return type in Create function intention action if the inferred return typeis unknown (by @Kobzol)

  • Improve code folding:

    • #7111 Support folding for multiline where clauses (by @Stzx)

    • #7112 Enable folding for series of use items by default (by @Stzx)
      You can disable it via Imports option in Settings Editor General Code Folding settings

    • #7112 Support Method bodies option of Settings Editor General Code Folding - General settingsto fold function/method bodies by default (by @Stzx)

  • Improve experimental crate-local index:

    • #6801 Add Cargo.toml inspection that checks crate dependency version requirements that do not match any knowncrate version (by @Kobzol)

    • #6599 Use semantic versioning to improve version sorting in dependency completion

    • #7004 Don’t perform code completion and run inspections if the index is not ready

    Note, the corresponding feature is disabled by default for now. To use it, enableorg.rust.crates.local.indexexperimental feature

  • #7142 Drop support of org.rust.cargo.fetch.out.dir experimental feature.Use instead if you need to evaluateenv!('OUT_DIR') in your include! macro calls

Clion Memory Profiling


  • Name resolution fixes:

    • #7119 Correctly resolve qualified attributeprocedural macro paths (like #[foo::bar])

    • #7132 Resolve field shorthandto a local variable in the case of unresolved struct literal

  • Improvements of new name resolution engine:

    • #7089 Correctly resolve macros with absolute paths (like ::foo::bar!())

    • #7057 Exclude some cfg-disabled items from completion

  • Change Signature refactoring (Refactor Change Signature or Ctrl+F6) fixes:

    • #7081 Fix some false positives in name conflict detection (by @Kobzol)

    • #7080 Do not needlessly import default type arguments (by @Kobzol)

    • #7076 Correctly place function visibility after attributes (by @Kobzol)

  • #7108 Insert correct use item by auto-import feature in the case of arenamedCargo package

  • #7101 Fix false positive in Needless lifetimes inspection when the lifetime is used in where clause (by @Kobzol)

  • #5491 Add line break after opening brace in struct blocks by built-in formatter (by @Kobzol)

  • #7131 Fix false-positive proofreading warnings for sentences written in several sequential Rust comments.Note, you can enable/disable proofreading in Rust files in Preferences Editor Proofreading Grammar settings

  • #7121 Reload project model automatically when workspace-root Cargo.toml file is changed (and saved).Previously it was work only for package Cargo.toml files

  • #7079 Fix proc macro expansion if proc macro crate is added as separate cargo project in Cargo tool window

  • #7072 Place Show the result of macro expansion intention lower in the intention list

  • #6013 Don’t run some inspections on Rust files outside a valid Cargo project to avoid expected false positive errors

  • #7070 Don’t show errors related to Rust edition if we don’t known the edition (by @Stzx)

  • #7150 Fix Can't find process starter error when running DTraceprofiler with CLion 2021.1

  • #6201 Avoid Cargo project duplication in the project model. This fixes some issues related to such duplications

Internal Improvements

  • #7114 Don’t show “Tip of the Day” at startup in internal IDEs (for the plugin developers)

  • #7094 Enable Gradle Build Cache for local builds(see #7094 for more details)

  • #6903 Introduce 2021 edition variant in the plugin and adjust the corresponding code

Full set of changes can be found here