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The Licensing group manages site licensed and individually-owned software for current faculty, staff, and enrolled students. This licensed software has been procured to assist Clemson University users with their daily computing tasks. We may keep titles on the list for 2 years or more after the license has expired because in many cases activating the license again only requires a maintenance fee versus the full product price. We want our users to know that this is an option if they see it on the list before purchasing.

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Please click on individual titles for more information. Many software products are available for all faculty, staff, and students to use. Some, however, are designated for specific college or group use. In the cases where a license is designated as 'network' (as opposed to 'standalone'), that designation refers to whether or not the license is tied to an on-campus license server. The standalone version of the license will be the better install option for laptops that may be used from on- or off-campus; the network license will be appropriate for desktop or departmental machines.

  1. A similar screen will appear once clicked. Here, you will enter your Clemson email address without the '.g' (Ex. Once you click on password or hit the TAB key, you will be redirected to a Clemson page where you will put in your Clemson ID. Use the same password you would for your email address.
  2. Camtasia is a fantastic tool that can be used to record content of any length! It can help create short informative videos or longer lectures as needed. Camtasia also allows you to make quick edits, ensuring the best video quality for your students.

Most titles listed below require a license to be purchased or require the user to be a member of the group that owns the software. If you need a particular piece of software and don't see it on the software list below or want more information about a title, you can inquire by sending an email to [email protected] This will generate a ticket to track your issue. You'll receive an update to your ticket instructing you how to download the software in question or in some cases, you may be directed to your area consultant for installation. If you need to purchase a license, please include the desired title, quantity, and end user's username.

A similar screen will appear once clicked. Here, you will enter your Clemson email address without the '.g' (Ex. Once you click on password or hit the TAB key, you will be redirected to a Clemson page where you will put in your Clemson ID. Use the same password you would for your email address. Clemson Online supports rollout of new Camtasia 2020 software President’s Leadership Institute launches fifth year with new challenges and opportunities during COVID-19 pandemic Clemson University, Greenville Technical College establish transfer pathway for sociology and anthropology students. Please visit CCIT SYSTEMS STATUS to check the status of Clemson University systems and to subscribe to system alerts. Check out more Canvas Resources Link opens in new tab.

Clemson University, South Carolina

The Licensing group maintains a network Software Repository of the most widely used applications. Click on a title below for instructions on accessing the Repository. Depending upon your group membership, some applications may be listed as Restricted Use on the Repository. These are generally titles purchased by a specific College, department, or research group and access to the install media for these titles will be limited to IT support personnel who can facilitate the install process for you.

Clemson Camtasia Software

The IT Contracts and Licensing group works closely with all groups involved in the licensing process to ensure your needs are met. Please be sure to read the instructions for installation in the Documentation folder of each software folder in the Software Repository. This documentation will in most cases guide you through the successful installation of your software.

A small collection of software is available for current faculty, staff, and students of Clemson University at

12 Nov From Then to Now: A Perspective from A Retrospective English Senior

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Luke Pearson is a senior English major and History minor here at Clemson University. Born and raised in the small town of Trumbull, Connecticut, Pearson discovered his passion for English his sophomore year in high school after reading J.D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye” and Markus Zusak’s “The Book Thief.”

Pearson didn’t begin as an English major at Clemson, however. He originally had plans to pursue a Biology degree and go to medical school but realized his freshman year that reading and writing was more his forte and switched majors.

Clemson Camtasia 10


When it came to picking what major to switch to, Pearson remembered his love for reading in high school and chose to pursue an English degree. “Not only do I enjoy reading, but I also figured that I definitely needed to improve my overall English skills since I picked up on it late in high school. And to be completely honest, I thought it would be a lot easier than other majors (which I later found out to be very, very wrong),” says Pearson.

One thing that Pearson has learned is that the English major can be very competitive. “Nearly every English class I´ve had at Clemson has been in a small classroom that is discussion based,” says Pearson, “[This pushes] people to try to stick out and prove themselves.”


Throughout his years at Clemson, Pearson has learned valuable skills such as creative writing, screenwriting, literary criticism, and reading comprehension. He’s found many different instances where he has applied his talents to the real world. He credits to Dr. Stockton for teaching him how to approach texts with a critical eye and how to uses those skills successfully in his personal life.

People in the English field know very well how there are many misconceptions about the English major. Pearson initially thought that the English major would be easy and that it would be primarily reading- and writing-oriented. Not only did he find out that the major required just as much time and effort as any other major, but also the major incorporates so much more than reading and writing. Here, Pearson points to his class Issues with Writing Technologies taught by Dr. Tharon Howard; “Students [in the English major] get to do much more. In Dr. Howard’s writing technology course, students create video presentations with Camtasia, give presentations on social media issues, and even create resumes with various mediums and media.”

“My number one piece of advice I would give to any freshman is doing your readings, be disciplined and never fold,” says Pearson. “I’ve realized it can be mind-boggling after reading thirty-five pages of something and having to do another twenty or so pages, but just keep pushing yourself because it pays off.” Not only is this beneficial for the student, but it helps regarding the student-professor relationship. “It’s extremely obvious to your professor and the class that you didn’t read,” warns Pearson.

After graduation, Pearson plans on moving back up north and attending University of Connecticut School of Law. Alternatively, his primary goal is just to be happy. “Through past experiences, I have come to the realization that no matter how much money you have, you need good friends, good health, and happiness.”