Cisco Dynamips


This document will guide how to install dynamips and dynagen emulation software for Cisco IOS Software in Linux Operating System.

Components Used

Cisco IOS images for Dynamips GNS3 offers multiple ways to emulate IOS. For older images, we use and maintain Dynamips; An emulator dedicated to emulate some Cisco hardware. Nov 21, 2013 CCNA cisco Cisco Career Certifications Dynamips GNS3 GNS3 1.0 Network simulation networking Open source QEMU router technology It's been almost 24 hours since GNS3 launched a campaign to bring in funds to support the open source network simulator and bring it up to version 1.0.

1. Ubuntu Linux 8.04.1 i386
2. Dynagen 0.11.0 for Linux
3. Dynamips 0.2.8-RC2 for Linux
4. Cisco IOS Software for Cisco 3600 Series Router (you must have access to download it)

Install Dynagen and Dynamips

Extract Dynagen compressed file to specific directory (/opt/dynamips)

[email protected]:~$ mkdir -p /opt/dynamips
[email protected]:~$ mv dynagen-0.11.0.tar.gz /opt/dynamips
[email protected]:~$ cd /opt/dynamips
[email protected]:/opt/dynamips$ tar -zxvf dynagen-0.11.0.tar.gz
[email protected]:/opt/dynamips$ ln -s dynagen-0.11.0 dynagen

uncomment this line in dynagen configuration file (/opt/dynamips/dynagen/dynagen.ini)

telnet = xterm -T %d -e telnet %h %p > /dev/null 2>&1 &

Install Dynamips RPM file, but before you need to instal “rpm” software Ubuntu Linux

[email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install rpm
[email protected]:~$ rpm -ivh dynamips-0.2.8RC2-1.i386.rpm
[email protected]:~$ mv dynamips-0.2.8-RC2-x86.bin /opt/dynamips/
[email protected]:~$ cd /opt/dynamips
[email protected]:/opt/dynamips$
[email protected]:/opt/dynamips$ ln -s dynamips-0.2.8-RC2-x86.bin dynamips
[email protected]:/opt/dynamips$ chmod 755 dynamips

Prepare Cisco IOS image

Put the IOS image based on router that you want to run (for example c7200-js-mz.123-14.T7.bin for Cisco 7200 router series) in image Dynagen extraction directory (/opt/dynamips/images).

Extract the IOS images using “unzip” tools to minimize load dynamips to extract and load the Cisco IOS Software.

[email protected]:~$ mv c7200-js-mz.123-14.T7.bin /opt/dynamips/ios
[email protected]:~$ cd /opt/dynamips/ios
[email protected]:/opt/dynamips/ios$ unzip -p c7200-js-mz.123-14.T7.bin > c7200-js-mz.123-14.T7..image
warning [c7200-js-mz.123-14.T7.bin]: 27928 extra bytes at beginning or within zipfile
(attempting to process anyway)

Configure Dynagen

Configure one dynagen network file in the installation folder (/opt/dynamips/dynagen/sample_labs/simple1) for example This configuration will run two Cisco 7200 series routers with serial back-to-back connection.

# Simple lab
image =
npe = npe-400
ram = 160

s1/0 = R2 s1/0


Running Dynamips

Run the dynamips server this command line from the dynamips installation directory

[email protected]:~$ /opt/dynamips/dynamips -H 7200

This display will be appeaed and don’t stop or close it.

Cisco Router Simulation Platform (version 0.2.8-RC2-x86)
Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Christophe Fillot.
Build date: Oct 14 2007 10:41:26

ILT: loaded table “mips64j” from cache.
ILT: loaded table “mips64e” from cache.
ILT: loaded table “ppc32j” from cache.
ILT: loaded table “ppc32e” from cache.
Hypervisor TCP control server started (port 7200).

Running Dynagen Router Emulator

Running the dynagen by opening dynagen network file using this command line:

[email protected]:~$ /opt/dynamips/dynagen/dynagen /opt/dynamips/dynagen/sample_labs/simple1/

Cisco Dynamips Download

This output will appear and check all the routers are running using “list” command.

Cisco dynamips

Reading configuration file…

*** Warning: Starting R1 with no idle-pc value
*** Warning: Starting R2 with no idle-pc value
Network successfully loaded

Dynagen management console for Dynamips and Pemuwrapper 0.11.0
Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Greg Anuzelli, contributions Pavel Skovajsa

=> list
Name Type State Server Console
R1 7200 running localhost:7200 2000
R2 7200 running localhost:7200 2001

Accessing the Simulated Router

Access the router by telneting to specify ports number, for example for router number 1 (R1) telnet to localhost with port 2001.

# telnet 2001

This window will appear and ready to configure …

Cisco Dynamips Switch

[email protected]:~$ telnet 2000
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
Connected to Dynamips VM “R1” (ID 0, type c7200) – Console port


Cisco Dynamips Images

Continue for router number 2 (R2) by telnet to localhost with port number 2002, and so on if you have more than one two routers …



Reference :

Dynamips Cisco Ios Images Download

1. Cisco 7200 Simulator developed by UTC (University of Technology of Compiegne, France)

Cisco Dynamips Emulator

2. Dynamips and Dynagen documentation file (/opt/dynamips/dynagen/docs/tutorial.htm)