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Cisco Modeling Labs - Personal. CSR 1000V on GNS3 with free IOS-XE 3.14 image. Or latest VirtualBox and a free CSR 1000V IOS XE image, a powerful machine. Download the CSR1000V appliance from gns3, go into gns3 file menu- import appliance- select the one you just downloaded-it will find the CSR1000V image-install. Then voila CSR1000V is painlessly integrated into gns3 within a minute. The longest part is downloading the image from cisco. Once you have created as many VMs as you need head back into GNS3. We'll need to rescan the VirtualBox VM list for it to be picked up, but this is just the same as following the first couple of steps we did to get the first CSR into GNS3. You can also choose to untick the 'reserve' button here and tick the console button, then save the VM. It introduces how to install Cisco CSR1000v on GNS3, which provide a platform for various labs, such as DMVPN, FlexVPN, Performance routing, multicast, OTV, MPLS, VPLS and etc. I finished writing 4 FlexVPN labs by far, but in Chinese. I will gradually translate them into English.

Other versions should also be supported following bellow’s procedure. Successfuly tested, Denali, Everest, Fuji, Gibraltar, Amsterdam CSRv1000 16.x and 17.x images.

Steps below are based on csr1000vng-universalk9.16.09.06.Fuji creation, for other image deployment, use proper names respectively.

1. SSH to EVE and login as root, from cli and create temporary working directory on the EVE’s root:

2. Upload the downloaded ISO CD image to the EVE using for example FileZilla or WinSCP.

3. Create new HDD for CSR installation:

Csr 1000v Pricing

4. Start CSR installation:

5. Once on the screen appears prompt, hit any key and choose 3rd option CSR 1000V Serial console and confirm with ENTER:

Cisco Csr 1000v License

6. IMPORTANT ! Wait till CSR installs and again prompt Press any key to continue, hit any key and choose 3rd option again BUT DO NOT HIT ENTER after selected Serial option:

DO NOT HIT ENTER after selected Serial!!!

7. Now Stop CSR booting and get to qemu prompt using key combo ctrl+a release keys and then press c, once appears (qemu) type quit.

8. Create new CSR image target directory:


9. Move CSR HDD to target directory:

10. Clean and fix permissions:

CSR Image is created and ready to use, now you can open lab and your image will be visible under nodes csr1000v

The better part of a year ago when the Cisco CSR1000V was publicly released, I quickly tested the notion of running the Cloud Services Router in VMWare Fusion on the Mac, rather than on a full vSphere server. Since then, I occasionally see that some readers land on my blog after searching for the terms “CSR1000V GNS3” looking for assistance in integrating the CSR with the popular networking simulation platform. The CSR1000V is attractive as it provides a means to run IOS-XE, the same variant as on the ASR-series routers, and unlike Dynamips, Cisco has blessed use of the CSR with the 2.5 Mb/s throughput-limited trial license as a legitimate labbing platform. Last night I decided to see if it could be done. Turns out, it’s easy.

Cisco Csr 1000v Ordering Guide

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