Cisco 3745 Ios

Cisco 3745 Ios3745Cisco 3745 Ios

IOS images are usually run in Dynamips however R+Svms are housed in a virtual machine. IOS images are lower in cpu and memory so you can fit more of them in one topology. R+Svms are all vendor Routing and Switching images that are larger in size but can be imported into GNS3 for real world network emulation. C3745-ipbase-mz.123-9.bin In order to deploy new network design, I require the IOS with IPSEC. I went through the cisco website to find the IOS for the support of IPSEC on this router. As far as i have seen all the IOS available for my router are in 'Limited Deployment' State.I couldn't find a single in 'GD' state. Setup Cisco Switch IOS 3745 12.4 on GNS3 How to configure Layer3 switch in GNS3 You can Buy GNS3 Book for more information from below link The Cisco 3700 Series with the EtherSwitch NM/HDSM integrates Cisco IOS routing and Catalyst switching technologies in a single platform, offering a single point of management for easier configuration, troubleshooting and a lower total cost of ownership.

Cisco 3745 ios download

Cisco 3745 Ios

Cisco 3745 ios

Cisco 3745 Ios Download

Just received a 'new' 3745 tonight, it's running IOS 12.3 Enterprise Services off the 64MB flash card they included with the router.
I am getting an IP address from my ISP (Verizon) via PPPoE. I can ping sites like,, and a server I have set up a
Other protocols work fine--sometimes. I have been having issues getting to the Hotmail website. However, I have been able to access the google/gmail websites, the website at I have also tested large file transfers. I have copied around 300MB to an external server, over ssh, without problem, however I did notice it was rather slow (300kb/s).
I had to swap over to my backup Netgear firewall to access (however, I was able to ping it fine). DNS is working fine on all clients (and from the router itself). I have noticed this issue on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and OpenBSD.
I will get the running-config posted later, after I can get the Cisco router reconnected.
There is no QoS or external access-list configuration on the router.
Another thing that I noticed: sending ICMP echo requests with size larger than a few thousand bytes always failed, even to hosts that I did not have any trouble connecting to. I set ip mtu 1492 on the Dialer1 interface, and FastEthernet0/0 (the one facing Verizon). The guide I was following recommeded using ip mss-size 1452 on the Dialer1 interface, however, I did not have this command available during config on my router.