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Recording Your Screencam in Camtasia To begin, launch Camtasia, create a new project, and save it to the same destination where your Premiere Pro project files are. Then navigate to Camtasia Preferences (Camtasia Preferences) to open the Recording dialog, shown in Figure 1 (below). Click the Record tab. We then bring that H264 into Premiere, and build a training video mixing the screen capture with live teacher shots. Invariably the Camtasia H264 gets resized down in Premiere to our final training video dimensions. Premiere does the downsizing in most instances. For higher quality, Photoshop can do it. (Yes — Photoshop, the “extended. You can even examine their overall score (9.5 for Adobe Premiere Pro vs. 9.0 for Camtasia) and overall customer satisfaction level (97% for Adobe Premiere Pro vs. 96% for Camtasia). Spend some time and compare your top options and determine which one is best for your company.


Camtasia is a highly popular and advanced video editing with a cool user-interface.

Conclusion- Camtasia Vs Adobe Premiere Pro 2020- Which One is Winner? Generally, Camtasia by Techsmith is a commendable application to keep in your video-editing tool kit. While not as powerful as Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia is an incredible spot for learners to.

The video is suitable for small creators or even professionals who wants to make fast but effective customizations and transformations to their videos.

This software is equipped with numerous features that you may not get in any other software in its competition. But, the price should be your consideration because it is a little bit costly software.

The software is widely used for screen recording purposes. Also, it is suitable for making educational and tutorial-types videos pretty easily.


I personally found its a great tool when it comes to learning. Adding transitions, texts, animations, images, overlays (logos), etc is very easy with this amazing software.

But, there are ups and downs of each software which you should also consider before picking the right software for you. In this article, I am going to help you with the same.


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Camtasia 2021 Pricing Plans

Note: You will be able to install Camtasia on two systems with one license. The price of some plans is the same but the business and education plans come along with some additional features.

Camtasia 2021 Minimum System Requirements

Pros and Cons of Camtasia Video Editor

Camtasia is considered as one of the best video editors in the industry. But, the thing which I liked the most is the easy user-interface. You can easily learn video editing using this software without even having prior experience in this domain.

Camtasia Project To Premiere Pro

I have worked with Camtasia a lot and it is a good video editor in all terms. However, they should try to add new features to it. Also, adding effects and transitions is complex.

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In my opinion, Camtasia is a good video editor if you are a beginner. But, it is not suitable to edit videos professionally. A limited number of features may cause hassles for you.

Camtasia Premiere Pro

Camtasia Vs Premiere Pro

Also, I also found it a bit expensive if we look at its features. So, you can consider some of the best alternatives like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Alternatives to Camtasia Video Editor