Camtasia 9 Green Screen


Not seeing the video? Watch it on YouTube Step 4: Get the right software. In the Camtasia video editor, you can remove your green screen with just a few clicks. In fact, Camtasia 2020 makes it easier than ever to create professional-quality videos — no pro skills required.

It is likely that you have seen the green screen effect in everything from live streaming to high-quality videos online.

When actors get shot against a screen that is a solid color, the background image can be replaced with a solid photo or video footage.

You can create your own video with the same effect using TechSmith Camtasia Studio. This tutorial will show you how.


Hi YouTube, in this quick tutorial I'm gonna show you how to remove green screen in Camtasia Studio 9.SUBSCRIBE for more Also discussed was best practices for shooting green screen video and how to utilize the Camtasia 9 “Remove A Color” tool (also works in Camtasia 3 for Mac). If you have more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. And don’t forget to check out the extremely affordable Camtasia Template packages!

Part1. What is Camtasia Studio


Camtasia is a program by Techsmith that features two main products in one. It comes with a screen capture tool as well as a video editor, both available on Windows PC and Mac platforms.

The screen capture application is perfect for all users, even those who edit the captured screen footage in other editors.

Through the past few versions the video editor has evolved into a tool that is filled with a series of animated backgrounds, icons, music and motion graphics, making it much easier to make impressive videos, even for videos which are not screencam-based. It is the perfect way to build an interactive and professional video which can serve a wide range of applications and projects.

Part2. Best Camtasia Alternative

Camtasia studio is considered to be professional tools and this means that the software is quite complex. A number of less experienced users could find it a little bit difficult to start working with the program and it can often be a fairly expensive program with a license code that can often cost upwards of $200.

If you are searching for an option that could deliver some of the same results but for a budget friendly price, Wondershare Filmora represents one of the best current alternatives to using Camtasia.

Wondershare Filmora offers a two in one screen recording tool as well as a full-featured editor. It offers a lot of the same features that you can get out of Camtasia but the price is extremely user-friendly. The program itself is also considered to be a lot less complex.

The screen recording feature makes it simple to record almost any item on your desktop and you can use the program as an HD movie downloader, YouTube capture tool, Skype capture tool and more. You can record video lessons, extract videos from YouTube and capture high-quality video on almost any desktop device.

As a full-featured video editing module, you can make sure that even the best in demanding users will be able to access a robust group of tools and the video editor also has a learning curve which is significantly easier.

The tools on board include the option for premade filters, animated titles, transitions and more. You can use special effects like slow motion, Mosaic, green screen and more.

It’s also very easy to provide quick export on popular video formats with sharing to Facebook, Youtube and others. The program makes it easy for you to try out features before you buy them.

Even a beginner is able to produce informative videos without having to spend hours learning the platform.

Camtasia 9 Green Screen

How to Do Green Screen in Filmora?

It can be very easy to use chroma key effects with your green screen footage and replace it with your own background using this program. If you’ve never downloaded this program before to experiment with green screen, the nice part is you can download a free trial version and get the same effects.

To get started:

1. Downloadand install the program in its trial version.

2. Launch the program and make sure that you go to the Full Feature Mode to begin.

3. Import your green screen footage to the media Library and then drag it along to the PIP track on your timeline.

4. Begin by moving your cursor over the green screen clip and right clicking on it. Choose the green screen option from the drop-down menu and enter into the editing interface.

5. From the effect tab at the top, you can check the option to “Make parts of this video transparent” From there you can choose the green color to be transparent and then adjust the intensity level to get a realistic a look for your content.

Additional settings can also be added for Borders, shadows and more. You can also rotate the green screen clip with the flipping option to create new effects.

When you have finished editing the green screen parts you can go to the media Library in import background clips. Drag the background clip into the video track on the timeline and you can see that the background clip will appear in the transparent points within the main video.

Part3. How to Use Green Screen in Camtasia (2020)

If you want to produce the green screen effect in Camtasia there are a few step-by-step features that you can do to isolate the green color and produce this effect.

1. Begin by installing the program and launching the Camtasia editor. You can import green screen footage to Camtasia and then begin populating the timelines.

2. After you have your video clips picked out, go to the left column toolbar and pick out your visual effects. Drag the remove a color effect from the tools panel into the timeline.

Camtasia 9 Green Screen

3. After dragging this effect onto the timeline you can open up the properties panel and choose the color picker to remove a specific color from the foreground image. You may have to try different areas of the video before you can pick the right color tone.

4. Fine tuning by adjusting some of the visual sliders will help you to get your tolerance right for the tints and shades on colors removed.

You can also use softest features to smooth out pixilation and rough edges of color that could be left. Defringing can help to make any remaining colors look less noticeable. The hue can also help you to better color matched the background and the foreground video images so that they can be closer to the same shades and lighting. Invert tools can also be very helpful for removing all colors except for one specific color that you removed. This can lead to stylized or colorized clips that are always done in one shade.

5. Adding the new background:

Adding a second track below your edited clip will help you project that track into the colored areas that you would like replaced. You can then use a preview button in the video to make sure that the end results are what you want.

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Hey, My name is Paul – nice to e-meet you 🙂 I’m a freelance video editor who has over 4 years experiences of making all types of videos. I founded this website to provide step-by-step and easy-to-follow instructions to first-time editors or beginners like you who want to start their journey in video editing.

Green screen technology has been around since the early 1900s. But did you know that green screen technology isn’t exclusive to the color green?

This visual effect is often called chroma key compositing or chroma keying. It is a post-production effect that allows video editors to replace backgrounds and insert footage or images into their scenes.

Many companies use green screen to produce informative product videos, company updates and more. It is a useful and valuable tool when you want to produce a professional looking marketing video quickly and affordably.

In this post we’re breaking down how to use green software for beginners. The first thing to knowis that it’s incredibly easy to produce a green screen video these days!

To help you get started, here are a few key things to remember when producing any video:

1. The first time is always the longest. Anytime you do something new it will take time. Be patient and continue to execute. You’ll get faster every time you do it.

2. Make a plan and carry it out. We wrote a great post on video pre production that explains the importance of a script and making a plan!

3. Last but not least, have fun! Green screen videos can be a blast to create. Don’t take yourself too seriously (even if it’s a serious video) and your production is sure to be more relatable to the masses.

What is Green Screen Used For?

There are many practical use cases for green screen and it all depends on what you are trying to achieve with your video production.

On big Hollywood sets you will see green screens as large as a city block! It’s unlikely that you’ll have that type of budget, but if your company is ready to invest in video marketing, you will have the tools to produce some amazing marketing videos!

Some common use cases for green screen are include:

1. Marketing Videos

Filming a quick marketing video for your organization can be easy. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be green! You can purchase simple pop up green or blue screens for cheap online.

These are usually the best colors to use. Lucky for you, we’ve also put together a step by step guide on how to get started using green screen.

2. Creating Engaging YouTube Videos

Some of the most popular YouTube vloggers use green screen to add interesting backgrounds to their videos. Replacing the background can add depth and visually interesting patterns to keep the viewer engaged.

3. Split Screen Videos

With green screen technology you can create fun side by side or split screen videos to add comedic relief to your video production. Just make sure to write your script before pressing record!

4. Replacing Backgrounds

Green screen can be used to replace backgrounds on devices, computer screens and more. This is a great visual effect to use if you are creating a marketing video for a new application or piece of software, or making a video to share out campaign results with your co-workers.

It’s not as hard as it looks

You do not have to be a director on a fancy movie set to use green screen technology. This process can actually be very cost effective and easy to setup. Over 33,000 people search for green screen help each month, and most people think that it takes complicated software to accomplish this visual effect. But you only need a few things to get started.

Check out our in depth How to Create A Green Screen tutorial that lists the materials you need to get started. Below you’ll find out what software to use to achieve this effect.

How to Use Green Screen Software

Green software can be intimidating for many people, but there are simple and effective solutions that allow you to save time and make fantastic videos quickly. We should note that there are many different types of video editing software out there. If you’re just getting started we recommend finding the easiest and most user friendly software possible.

The first thing you will need to do is select the software you want to use for your green screen video. We’re pretty fond of Camtasia, which includes a click and drag “remove a color” feature that allows you to quickly replace the background. It is really that simple. We’ll be using Camtasia below in our examples.

Step 1 – Drag and Drop

Select the “remove a color” feature in the visual effects menu in Camtasia. Then all you need to do is drag and drop on the clip. Simple as that!

Step 2 – Select Color

Select the color you want to remove from your scene. This usually works best with green or blue in your scene. Fun fact, filmmakers have used many different colors including red, yellow and black to replace backgrounds, but often green and blue work the best.

Step 3

Replace the image or background in your scene with your desired footage, background or image. In Camtasia, you can adjust the replaced image using the rotation tools in the properties panel to easily scale your image.

As you can see, green screen software can be very easy to use. With three simple steps in Camtasia you can replace a background using the “Remove A Color” feature.

Creating a Marketing Video With Green Screen

Now that you have the basics and use cases, it’s easy to see that creating a green screen marketing video won’t take you a ton of time. In fact, you have probably seen examples of these short marketing videos in your Facebook feed. Here is an example of one of ours:

Videos like this allow you to display information quickly and can be played silently while users are scrolling their feed, but did you notice that the computer screens were replaced? With simple editing tricks like the “Remove A Color” feature in Camtasia, you can create these exact same videos. Why not try it out for yourself?

Green Screen Backgrounds

You can find even more information on getting your DIY green screen set up on our blog.

You can make these same videos for your company.Even if you don’t have your own copy, you can try Camtasia free for 30 days. Give it a try and let us know how it goes on Twitter or Facebook.

Camtasia 9 Remove Green Screen

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