Camtasia 2019 Version

75+ New Transitions
Emphasize Audio Effect
Motion Blur Effect
Corner Rounding Effect
Media Matte Effect
Proxy Media Editing
Quick Property Editor
Standalone Projects
Pre-Built Video Templates
Create/Share Video Templates
Magnetic Tracks
Camtasia Packages
Track Mattes
Improved Recorder Settings
Auto-Normalize Audio Loudness
Mouse Cursor Path Smoothing
Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts
Block Text Style
Vertical and Horizontal Text Properties
Logos or Images in Themes
PDF Import
Additional Video Assets, Device Frames and Transition
Brand New Library
Customizable Themes
New Video Assets
TechSmith Assets (subscription optional)
Import, Edit, and Produce in 60 frames per second (fps)
Share Libraries Across Projects
Device Framing and Behaviors
PowerPoint Import
TechSmith Capture Mobile Screen Recording App (iOS)
Easily Editable Assets (Intros, Lower Thirds)
TechSmith Motion Asset Creation App (iOS)
Share Projects Across Platforms
Quick Callout Styles
Full Canvas Editing
64-Bit Platform
Fullscreen and Region Recording
Webcam, Microphone, and System Audio Recording
Multiple Video and Audio Tracks
Callouts, Annotations, and Shapes
Remove a Color (Chroma Key)
Video and Cursor Effects
Highlight and Blur Tools
Animations and Transitions
Captioning and Voice Narration
Clip Speed
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Camtasia 9 Download

Camtasia is the go-to video solution for creating professional-looking software demonstrations, product tutorials, online lessons, and recorded presentations- no video experience needed. Record your screen, import PowerPoint presentations, or add video footage you already have. The Camtasia help file is available as a PDF for version 2019. Download the full Camtasia 2019 help PDF here. Did you find what you were looking for? Provide feedback. Shop online for the latest version of Camtasia. 2019 for Mac; Playback using the Smart Player is supported on Internet Explorer 11+, Microsoft Edge (Windows 10. Apr 29, 2021 Improved performance between Camtasia and newest Smart Player version; 26 June, 2019: Camtasia (Windows) 2019.0.3. Added support for Chinese language; Fixed an issue where rare low-motion animated GIFs could cause Camtasia to crash; Fixed an issue where some 60fps media did not trigger a prompt to change the project's framerate. CAMTASIA 2021 CAMTASIA 2020 CAMTASIA 2019 CAMTASIA 2018; 75+ New Transitions: Emphasize Audio Effect: Motion Blur Effect: Corner Rounding Effect: Media Matte Effect.