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BrandCrowd, Darlinghurst, New South Wales. 4,060 likes 220 talking about this 21 were here. is the world's leading marketplace for premium. Making your Free logo is easy with BrandCrowd Logo Maker Create a professional free logo in minutes with our free free logo maker. BrandCrowd logo maker is easy to use and allows you full customization to get the free logo you want! Pick a free logo. Pick one of the free. 1 review for Brandcrowd, 5.0 stars: 'I really searched for good logo's generators for my ecommerce sites. Most of them are free and you know what they say about free and the they are not really free after all. Then of course there are site's like Fiverr but my honest experience is that you dont get what you need or in the time that it is promised to you so you still have to pay a fortine for a. Brandcrowd is an amazing website with lots and lots of creative ideas Mahmood Malki 5 /5 0 slide details. There are numerous free logo maker tools let you create an awesome professional-looking logo without having to pay. Here is a detailed review of ten free logo makers to help get you started with logo design for your business.

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Making a business card is easy with BrandCrowd

Your business card is a key element for a powerful brand. Create a professional business card in minutes with our free business card maker. BrandCrowd's business card maker is easy to use and allows you full customization to get the design you want!

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    BrandCrowd’s Business Card Maker is free to try. Browse thousands of different business cards, edit and save as many as you like.

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We write a lot! It’s our passion… our obsession. Design? Nope. Not our jam. That being said, we often get asked for recommendations for web designers, logo designers, and the like. While we do have a few go-to design gurus (feel free to ask!), we’re quick to suggest a few free logo services first.

Brandcrowd Free

Why opt for free logo services online? One: They’re free! Two: Even if you don’t decide to go with any of the designs, you’ll have a great start towards knowing what to ask for when you do enlist the help of a professional. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to re-brand, having a logo that accurately represents your company is super beneficial.

Note: Our site uses affiliate links & we may get a portion of the proceeds when you purchase certain products we endorse.

With a quick Google search, you’ll probably come up with pages upon pages of tools designed create your ideal logo. Trust us, it’s enough to make your head spin! While there are loads of free logo makers available, we’ll share a few of our favorites based on ease of use and professional, industry-specific designs. Get a better idea of which might be right for you based on our reviews below.


BrandCrowd is the #1 online logo maker. They’ve helped hundreds of business big and small generate the best logos for their brands. The software has an incredibly user-friendly interface even for non-techies and produces thousands of professional-looking designs in seconds. BrandCrowd also provides printing and other services to help business get started.

How Does BrandCrowd Work?

BrandCrowd touts itself as one of the easiest free logo services out there. In fact, they claim you can search, customize, and download your design in just 2-minutes. We put them to the test by creating a cool logo for one of our pet projects


Once you head to the BrandCrowd website, you’ll be able to type the name of your biz into the easy-to-spot search box. Tap the ‘make logo now’ button to… you guessed it, make your logo now.

Opt to scroll through the chosen designs or add a keyword that best represents your brand. As you can see, we chose ‘costume’ for our kigurumi logo design.

Based on our specifications, BrandCrowd gave us 17,696 ideas for our kigurumi brand logo. While not all of them are the perfect fit, the first several pages were packed with a bunch of industry-specific designs. We chose to play around with the first for our personal logo.

Here, we’re in the customization phase. Play around with colors, fonts, sizing, and so much more. Once you’ve got the perfect brand logo (we’re still not sure about the 2-minute claim), you’ll be able to save your logo for later or download it straight away. Easy, peasy!

Why We Love BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd is a super-sleek online app that’s easy to use. They’ve crafted thousands of designs for hundreds of industries. And, that’s before you even start to customize your personal logo.

We feel that the developers and designers at BrandCrowd go the extra mile for their clients. With the standard package, you’ll benefit from a ton of high-res designs. You’ll get:

  • Full-Color Design (both with background and vector)
  • Black & White Brand Logo
  • Icon Only
  • Text Only
  • Logo Variations (logo top, left, and right)

You’ll also be provided with different sized images for everything from business cards to social media posts and website content.

So, What’s the Catch?

BrandCrowd provides free inspiration when it comes to your design, but that’s about it. After you’ve crafted and fallen in love with one of the best logos you’ve ever seen, you’re gonna have to pay. The cost of a standard brand logo package is a flat fee of $45. Extras like social media marketing tools can add up too.

The Good News: Even if you opt for a brand logo plus all of the extras like FULL intellectual property rights, the maximum you’ll ever pay for your design is $238. We think that’s pretty reasonable. Chances are good that you probably won’t blow the budget with BrandCrowd.

Is BrandCrown Right for You?

Almost any business professional or small business. BrandCrowdis a great jumping off point for those who don’t want to spend a ton of time or money crafting a modern logo that fits their brand. Whether you’re looking for some serious inspiration, or want a super-fast marketing logo that you can use instantly, BrandCrowd can help.


Logojoy is an AI-powered logo maker designed to create a brand image. To date, over 1.4 million people have tried the software. Logojoy promises to help you make a marketing logo you’ll be proud of. The developers of Logojoy went out of their way to craft loads of industry-specific designs.

While it’s not our favorite when it comes to free logo services, there are some attributes that Logojoy brings to the table other similar software doesn’t. Let’s take a look at why Logojoy made our list.

How Does Logojoy Work?

Logojoy claims you’ll be able to craft your design in just 30-seconds. Although we’re pretty sure that’s near impossible, who’d want to do that anyway? There’s no way the best logos out there have been designed in that short amount of time.

We recommend, spending a little extra time going through each step to ensure you’re getting the most out of the Logojoy software. And, if you’re still not sure, Logojoy has a ton of helpful videos that’ll walk you through the entire logo generating process.

We played around crafting a brand logo for one of our online clothing brands For a little background, the company produces eco-friendly fashion for women of all walks of life. Let’s take a look at what we came up with.

Like most free logo services, you’ll start by typing in the brand name, like so. Just click get started and off you go.

Next, Logojoy begins the process of getting to know a little more about your brand. You’ll want to narrow down your industry as specifically as possible to get the best outcome. As you can see, we went with ‘women’s clothing’ rather than something more generic like ‘clothing’.

From there, you’ll pick 5 or more cool logos. Of course, these are all based on personal preference. Because we’re not picky, and this is just a trial run, we opted for the first five logos to represent our pool. But, we’d recommend really taking your time here.

Select up to three color palates you’d like to represent your brand. We found this to be a super helpful step that most other free logo services don’t offer. Logojoy even goes so far as to give you notes on what colors inspire in consumers. We chose ‘blue’, ‘green’, and ‘teal’ to represent the eco-theme.

Logojoy even offers helpful tips throughout. They noted our brand name was ‘too long’ and suggested making a change. We opted out of this suggestion but it could be helpful for others. You’ll also be able to add a slogan here if you’d like. Again, we opted out.

You can search and add up to 5 symbols that you feel adequately represent your brand. Honestly, we found this step to be a little overwhelming and not incredibly easy to navigate. After a decent amount of searching, we finally came up with 5 symbols we liked and decided to move on.

You’re now ready to start personalizing. Play around with colors, fonts, sizing, icon placement, borders, and so much more. This is the step you’ll probably spend the most time on (it’s also the most fun). Finally, we crafted a brand logo that we felt depicted the eco-theme we wanted.

Crowd Brand

Why We Love Logojoy

Brandcrowd Free Logo Maker

One of our favorite things about Logojoy was how well they ‘sold’ you on your logo. Logojoy doesn’t just show you your personal logo in all the boring old ways. Instead, you’ll get to check out how your brand logo will look on everything from shirts to business cards, signage, and even stationary.

Another thing we really liked about Logojoy is the infinite amount of options. You could literally play around on the site for days without getting bored! Of course, that may be a downside to some OCD folks out there.

So, What’s the Catch?

Logojoy isn’t super upfront about their pricing right away. There’s nothing worse than spending hours or days coming up with the perfect personal logo only to find out it ain’t free like you previously thought. So, we’re going to expose them so you can make an informed decision before getting started. You can thank us later!

You can opt for three different packages with Logojoy;

  • Basic ($20)
  • Premium ($65)
  • Enterprise ($90)

While the ‘Basic’ package is pretty much a joke, we feel that the ‘Premium’ package is well-worth paying for. Even after you’ve chosen your package, Logojoy tries to upsell even further with a whole lot of extras like ‘Buying senior design time’ for $130.

Is Logojoy Right for You?

Well, Logojoy is free to try so we feel that it’s definitely worth playing around with. Plus, if you come up with an amazing design you can’t live without, you’re still only paying $65 if you stick to the Premium and steer clear of all the extras. If nothing else, you’ve got some inspiration to show your graphic designer.

Final Thoughts on Free Logo Services

A traditional graphic designer is always going to be your best bet. But, free logo services are a good start to getting the inspiration you need for your brand image. And heck, you may end up with a design you can’t live without. For us, BrandCrowd is the clear winner. We were happy with all of the options and industry-specific professional-looking designs.

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