Blind Italian Opera Singer


Andrea Bocelli is known as a blind Italian opera singer and songwriter.

Andrea Bocelli, as born in Lajatico, Italy, in 1958, is one of the greatest singing talents in the world today. He has been blind since age 12, owing to congenital glaucoma and a blow to the head while tending goal during a soccer game.

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Jul 20, 2020 Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli is an international superstar whose music has bridged classical and pop genres. Who Is Andrea Bocelli? As a child, Andrea Bocelli learned to play the piano, flute. Andrea Bocelli is one of the most famous opera singers in the world. Some have even said that he has the most beautiful voice in the whole world, too. But he’s not the only one in his family that has the voice of an angel, or, as Celine Dion has said, “if God would have a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli.”.

Andrea Bocelli was born on September 22, 1958 in the small town of Lajatico, Italy. Although born with sight, he was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma and ultimately lost his sight completely at age 12. During a soccer game, he was hit in the eye and suffered a brain hemorrhage that ultimately caused his complete blindness.

Although he was born to a family of farmers and winemakers, Bocelli was interested in music from a young age. He began piano lessons at age 6 and continued on to learn six other instruments including the flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, and percussion. Encouraged by his nanny, he began singing and by age 7 he could recognize most famous voices and started to emulate them. At age 14, Bocelli won his first singing competition by singing 'O sole mio' at the Margherita d'Oro in Viareggio. He later studied law at the University of Pisa but performed in piano bars during the evening to earn money. He finished law school and actually spent a year practicing as a court-appointed lawyer.

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Marriage, Wife, Divorce

Bocelli met his first wife, Enrica Cenzatti, at a piano bar during the start of his career while finishing college and working as a law intern. They got married on June 27, 1992 and had two children named Amos (February 1995) and Matteo (October 1997). They were separated in 2002 but retain an amicable relationship.

Blind Italian Opera Singer And Wife

Bocelli met Veronica Berti the same year of his divorce. She later gave birth to Bocelli's first daughter, Virginia, nearly ten years later on March 21 of 2012. The couple married exactly two years after their daughter's birth on March 21, 2014 at the Sanctuary of Montenero in Livorno, Italy. They currently live in Forte dei Marmi, while his other children continue to live in Versilia with their mother.

'She's been like a mother to my two boys', Bocelli states of his wife, Veronica, in a 2014 interview, 'and she has done a wonderful job of establishing a good relationship with my first wife, too.' 'We have never had a fight, but we have argued. In this life, we learn a lot from our mistakes and I certainly have learned from the mistakes in my first marriage. The second is working very well, indeed.'

Bocelli jokingly states 'I am a very lazy man, so, for me, the dream is to be at home on the chair with my family.'


Caterina Caselli discovered Andrea Bocelli and encouraged him to make a demo tape. It was sent to the Italian Rock Star, Zucchero in 1992. The resulting duet became a hit, and Bocelli accompanied Zucchero on his 1993 concert tour. He was offered a contract with Sugar Music in Milan. Bocelli's debut album, 'Il mare calmo della sera' was released in April 1994. It charted in the Italian Top Ten and was certified platinum within weeks. He released a studio album nearly every year thereafter including Bocelli (1995), Viaggio Italiano (1996-1997), Aria: The Opera Album (1998), Sogno (1999), Sacred Arias (1999), Verdi (2000), Cieli di Toscana (2001), Sentimento (2002), Andrea (2004), Amore (2006), Incanto (2008), My Christmas (2009), Passione (2013), Cinema (2015), and Si (2018).

Blind Italian Opera Singer

Bocelli has recorded 15 solo studio albums, three greatest hits albums, and nine complete operas. Combined, they have sold over 90 million records worldwide.

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